Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mug Rugging Again?

I just cannot belive that a new week is upon us again - Already! But as you can see my supervisor is on duty today so will have to pull off some work. She even came for lunch as you can see the groceries she is keeping guard on. LOL

Utt-O! She is taking a closer look! I cannot decide if that is a good or a bad thing????I was cutting out pieces for this mug rug and just letting it take me in which direction it wanted to go. This is down right fun -to work on a project that just sets you free. :)

Rosie did have a funny ending to the groceries . The bag she  is guarding is suppose to be for the other 2 kitties and she has been on a different food because she was up-chucking all she ate. When I came  back in this after noon - she had torn into this bag of food. Made a big ole hole - you should have seen it. I am hoping we don't have "piles " of consequences to pay!

I took a walk around the pond today and all this rain we have had has really filled the pond up right to the tip of the top. Now, if only the flowers can come and bring it to life! That pipe on the right hand side is where my DH rigged a pipe to catch all the water that runs off of the roof of our house to help keep the pond full and not endanger our well when the dry spells come.

Well shoot - this dumb camera! But the design is kitties and doggies all over it and I used a different seam this time - which I can tell you will not be able to see unless you have "Biontic - Eyeballs"  LOL. I will try to do better next time. I think my camera is down to 3 legs now and just barely holding on. LOL

Gosh the day is ending perfectly. We had a hot day - did you hear that in New Zealand - we had a Hot day! Yea -not snow and not tornado - just hot. LOL But now it is cooling down and I have my window open and the little frogs at the pond are singing their little hearts out! Music to my soul!

Love to all and hope you have enjoyed your "perfect " day too!

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