Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stormy Day

It was a beautiful  beautiful morning though. Then they stated talking about tornadoes and after seeing my neighbors homes destroyed two weeks ago - that is one word that I never want to hear again! So, I decided to go out and get my chores finished so I would not have to worry about the animals. Next I  moved onto planting some flower seeds and then found a new pot for the little passion plant that I found the other day. I dearly love these little running vines -but have a hard time when it comes to taking them through the winter, so I will just enjoy it while I have it . Next I decided to take a couple of pictures while I had a chance.

This little tulip must have been playing hide and go seek with me.  I totally adore these little fringed tulips and these are SPLASHED with color and it makes me think of the artist who really painted them! :)

Around the curve of the pond and this is my First iris to bloom this year. I love these guys because they were one of my Mama's favorites.

Do you remember me telling you the other day that this yellow rose would fill out a whole lot more! I totally LOVE this wonderful creation - probably as much as my DH hates it. AAAAAAAAAHHHHH - such is the joy of  married life!!!!!!!!!  I thought he would really like for me to have this one because It had NO thorns!

And last but definitely not Least - ta da!
Well, we are having lots of thunder -so I am heading to the house  -hoping to sew-will have to put up the 3 loads of laundry on my bed and of course DH will be starved. Always something to do and it seems that I am always running out of time.

Love to all!!!!!!!!!!! :)


  1. I have never heard of fringed tulips. All your plants are beautiful but those are gorgeous. I will have to check on those. I just had to write you and tell you that your snake stories were much better than mine. I would have been scared to death. Sweet Hunter doesn't think I will kill that snake but I will take pics to prove it when I do. Of course, if it is anything like deer hunting I will probably not ever see it again which is fine with me too! Loved hearing your stories!!! Made me smile on a day when I am not feeling too good.

  2. I must prefer your beautiful garden stories than about snakes.
    I was just delighted to see your gorgeous flowers this morning.

  3. Beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing your photos! And thanks for stopping by my blog. Take care!

  4. More gorgeous flowers Linda, thanks for sharing a little peek at them.