Sunday, April 24, 2011

Boy, Do I Have a Story for YOU.

It started out as a normal beautiful day. I went out and did chores first thing.Then I came back in and fixed DH ham and fresh biscuits. I knew that we had planned to go to N.C. for some plants. We were trying to get them in our home town , but the difference in price and even the availability of some of them -so we decided to go ahead and make the trip. It helped that my brother-in-law had given me 40.00 a month ago and I had put it up and forgot about it -waiting for that emergency . And needing plants seemed to be an emergency to me -with groceries going sky high. If we cannot raise some - I don't know how we will manage.

Well, the trip was nice and normal also. We both Love the people in N.C. who run these nurseries . They are so talented and hard working and down to earth people. Seeing them at least one time a year is just like seeing your family.

I got one patio tomato for the front porch because it is Always a treat to just step out the front door and grab a fresh tomato! Then I picked two packs of peppers and I like them on the front porch also because I can keep an eye on them and keep them watered. Year before last I had beautiful plants - but not one single pepper from Any of the plants whether on the porch - or - in the garden. Someone told me that there just was not enough bees to pollinate the plants. I sure hope that does not happen again.

Then DH found two bags of seed potatoes and they were ten dollars for fifty pounds -which was a real deal for us. At home they were 18.00 a bag. I also spoiled myself and got one beautiful spotted pink and red double blossom  impatient. I totally ADORE these  beautiful plants. The family who has these has them for one dollar a plant. I always try to keep them through the winter - but something Always happens to them - no matter how hard I try to out fox these parasites that like to kill them for me. :(

I also got a small stevia plant and I was thrilled at that. I use stevia for all of my drinks because I have diabetics and stevia is a natural sweetner, so I am so excited about this find. I also got a pineapple sage plant, and it REALLY does smell like a pineapple. I think I will really enjoy that . I put i  where I could brush up against it and activate that lovely scent. I also picked up two bunches of broccoli  and one strawberry plant to add to an empty spot in my strawberry bed. This one says it is a June everbearing - hope , hope, hope! :)

O, let's not forget the pack of chard which is called bright lights and is suppose to be so good for so many different uses. I will really enjoy learning about this plant because we REALLY need to get more greens in our diet. We do not get near enough-so I hope it allows us to improve our diet. I even got two packs of marigolds because they are suppose to help fight bugs!

I was SO excited with all of our treasures that I came home and went right to work on the plants for the front porch. It did not take long to spend that 40.00! But I have such high hopes. At least when I put them on the porch -the deer cannot eat them.DH is going to experiment with a new potato patch that he has tilled up. He thinks deer will not eat potatoes -so he has NO Fence of any kind and he is planting the potatoes for a test. We will see how that goes.

Now -for that story I mentioned. DH came out and asked me if I would help him lay off the rows in his potato patch and I said yes . Then he said we both had to ride the tractor and of course I told him no, I would walk. But he said riding the tractor was the only way to get across our creek to the potato patch.:(  I did not want to because I known NOTHING about this tractor and I am a total klutz when it comes to machinery.But of course he said he would work me through it and everything would be fine! -WRONG!

He put me in the seat and him standing on the mowing plate and he turned the tractor on and was showing me how to put it in forward and reverse-then he turned up the fuel and instructed me to back up. Trouble was that the fuel was up to high for me and when I barely touched the reverse - it lurched backward -Throwing DH head over heels off the front of the machine. I was terrified - it was a miracle that he did not break his legs because they kinda got hung over the wheels as his body went flying forward.. I was trying to figure out how to turn the machine OFF because I did not want to make another mistake and run over him.

By now I was in tears and he was trying to be very "chipper" as if nothing had just happened. But he certainly was not letting me off that tractor because he knew I would never get on again.  I was beside myself! Can you see me trying to explain to the police how I had just killed my DH of 42 years????????????????????????

He says nothing hurts -but I am wondering how he will feel in the morning???????????  I might have to had that tractor just to get him out of bed- so I might have a second chance to do him in yet?I told him that Cancer might not have a chance to get him as long as he has me on a tractor! :)

O, as we were on our way  home in the interstate a little white car came flying past us and almost took off our front end. She was flying . AS we approached the top of the mountain her car was now facing sideways in the middle of the road and almost over the top of our road and would have ended up on a road that acrossed under the interstate. There were two other cars there so I don't know if she had clipped them or not-but one looked banged up too. She certainly was lucky - it could have been Much worse at the speed she was driving!

So, I think I am very lucky to be home and almost safe in my bed tonight!  But, if anybody wants to do away with your spouse - just let them talk you into  having tractor driving lessons! :)

Love to all!


  1. I could not help but laugh event though it is not really funny! I couldn't help myself though. When I get on our tractor I tell everyone to move out of the way! I am so glad that he is ok and glad you had a great trip too. I am gonna work on my plants on the porch today too. Heading out to find some strawberries this morning!!!

  2. So glad you are safe and sound!!!