Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Wild Spring Rain

I have learned that it is VERY Hard to focus a camera on what you would like a picture of -when the sights have failed. I tried just pointing and hoping for the best -but that did not work so great. This is suppose to be a picture of the little creek that runs in front of our house . We drive through it every time we go onto the main road.

The reason it looks like this is because we had the wildest rain this morning . The wind was so furious that it was bending the trees to the ground. I told DH that I was mad at the wind because it was blowing the blossoms off of the apple trees and making it look like snow all over the ground! Plus , it was taking away those beautiful blossoms that I wanted pictures of when they were "Perfect". Looks like Mother Nature has plans opposite of mine!

DH's back is giving his a lot of pain from where he carried rolls of that black felt to put on my cousin's roof top that the tornado damaged. He knows better -but you know how it is when we just want to help someone and you are used to having the health to accomplish that.This getting older stuff is very challenging. I Hate to see him suffer so much.It scares me to death with the cancer hanging over our heads.

The rain was coming down in Sheets so thick that you could hardly see. I took it as long as I could and then when I caught it taking a breathe I ran for the critter building so I could do chores. Then in between breaths of torrential downpours - I would dart out and feed and water and then back to the building and feed and water some of them until it slacked again and then dash out for another critter. It worked pretty good that way and I hardly even got wet.

I checked on the wood stove and it was out of wood so I threw in a few small pieces and turned the fan on to see if it would go ahead and catch up.

After the rain slacked DH spotted this beautiful yellow bird in our apple tree, so grabbed the camera and told him to see if he could get a picture of it. I know it is hard to see, but you have to remember that the sights have gone out on that dumb camera - so I think this is a good picture of something that moves so fast you can hardly catch a glimpse of it. We have never had this beautiful creature come to visit us before and we were both thrilled.

As you can see for sure - Instead of a picture of my entire furbaby - we have a glimpse of her. I just cannot point and aim a camera without any sights.  Dag Nab It! :)


  1. Even though your little creek is in flood right now it's still lovely... I wish for a little stream running through our property. I love water.
    That wee bird is gorgeous! Such a wonderful colour.
    And as for me popping over to groom 8 more critters.... AHHH NOPE... my two are quite enough! Coco has to be held down she hates being groomed! So I only did her today... it took hours!
    Teddy will be tomorrow, and he's really good and just lies there!

  2. Saw on the news about the Tornado and wondered if it was near you.
    Must be scarey all that wild weather.
    Your little bird looks like a canary. Wonder if it escaped out of it cage???