Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bias lesson

When I woke up this morning I stepped out onto the porch to check my apple/crabapple tree in bloom. Last year I waited too long for the perfect picture and it turned green on me over night. So, I am attempting to be sneaky and capture the blooms.

I found a piece of green that I could use and started making the cuts for my strips.

It turned out that my little bias tape maker which says 1/2 " just is not wide enough for the project. From using that red I decided that I enjoyed working with that size better. Boy, "Karma" must have over heard me say something about enjoying a project -so everything I did was a disaster. The two projects that should have been my most enjoyable turned into two disasters. Well, maybe "Lessons" is just that -lessons -not a warrenty of perfection.

I cut my strips two inches --then ironed them down the middle to give me a crease line. Next I folded each side into the center and that was how I made my very own bias.

This size green bias is working good on this monster size mug rug. Maybe I should call it a "Plate - rug"! LOL

I can't help myself , I really like it now that it is finished.Yes, it is a big size -maybe that is for a big appetite?

Then this one should have been my best one-but it did not end up that way. I made so many mistakes. It was like I was Hexed. LOL  It was more of my "drunk-sewing" as I tried my best to hold a steady hand and the next thing I knew I was on the wrong side  . Yes, my eyes are partly to blame . I need new glasses bad- but you know how it is ? :)  Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! LOL
Love to all


  1. Your crabapple tree sure is pretty. I bet you can't wait for those little apples to grow. Looks like you have been busy sewing. It is always fun to read your posts.

  2. There is some Crabapple Jelly for sale in my Hospice Shop.... so can you tell me... is it likely to be sweet or tart????
    AND that large 'mug rug' can probably be called a Placemat!