Thursday, April 7, 2011

A New Experiment For Me?

OK, remember last night I had got this far with my new mug rug? Well, I have been pondering about a different way to do the edges? You do know how that cat and the curiosity went???

As I was wondering I kept working on the boarders and the rest of the "sandwich"!

And this is the Yellow butterfly sandwich and yes, I am still wondering???? SO, the best thing I know when I am faced with a dilemma  is to just go ahead and try the different ways and see what you think about it? I have not seen any "Mug Rug Rules" that say you have to do anything - Except - for Enjoy yourself and just go with your flow?

So, here is my experiment with the boarders-instead of planning to use the bias -I just went ahead and sewed around and left the hole to turn them right side out -then topstitch and complete the project! So, now I don't have to cut bias and fight with it on this project . It is completed. Yea!

It was a beautiful day today and I wish you could just hear the birds singing outside my sewing window.
Well, love to all!


  1. Your mug rugs are PERFECTLY lovely.
    I do mine like that too.

  2. Well Done Linda.
    Oh thank youfor the link.