Saturday, April 2, 2011

I learned something new-don't cut your bias too skinny! LOL

Remember when I had cut this the other day to make my bias to trim around my First Mug Rug?Seems like a lot of life got in the way of my project and I. But I had a lovely day today! YIPEE! DH went hunting with his brother and they had a good time as I slipped out early to do the morning chores. It was cold and the wind was so strong I thought I was going to blow away!

I came in and grabbed a drink and sat down for a few minutes with a book and my booklet of recipes that are the most used by me because they are vegetarian and because they require the most common recipes that I have on hand at the time. About that time -the guys returned home. They talked and chit-chatted for a while and his brother left and headed to the kitchen while I had some energy. I had some leftover beans so I used a new recipe to make some veggie patties from them and then stick them in the freezer. Next I worked on an egg custard and my last accomplishment was a lentil soup. DH turned his nose up at it -but he ate it anyway.

I cleaned up my mess and we ate a bowl of soup and cleaned up more mess and I headed to the sewing room! FINALLY! By now I had forgotten where I had stashed my mug rug and after some fumbling around I discovered its hiding place.

Then Thanks to Chris from Diet Coke Rocks I googled joining bias strips and found a video of how to do it , since my wee brain needed some HELP!  I know I would never have tackled this part of the project if Lynne had not walked me through it before -but it just would not stay in my brain for when I needed it.

Thanks to the inspiration I was able to pull that off And then work on attaching it to the Mug Rug -WHERE- I then learned my next mistake was cutting it too narrow.! That definitely was a big mistake, but I was already in the process so I went ahead with it the best I could.

It took a little "finesse" as I worked my way around those corners, and I ended up with a little bump where I joined it , but still since I am going to be the one using it - I am pretty tickled. I see why they are so popular and I definitely have many more of them in my future!

Another inspirational element was from the mug rug that Micki from Irish Muses gave me for Christmas. It was the one that she had on her blog that had the little teapot button on it. I keep it on my wall in front of the computer and I have admired it every day that I am working in here which is Most ever day. I just kept studying it and something inside of me "stirred" and then "yearned" to try a project like hers. After all I use hers more like ART! It is inside a plastic cover so I can admire it and yet it will not get ruined . I may use it for a different purpose than she intended , but I think she would be pleased to know that I love it too much to risk something happening to it.

I treasure each of my gifts from my beloved friends, Like my little angel from Maria on Life On The Block -And- my little bird that hangs in my window from Sue at Charlotte's Cottage and my blue purse from Chris at Diet Coke Rocks and last but not least the cutest little red owl by Linda at So Many Projects So Little Time!

When ever life seems to be too much at the time I know it will pass, but I like to help it along by treasuring all of my friends that had added so very much to my life. Thank you So very much -each and everyone one of you.
Hugs to all! : )

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