Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What does this look like to you?

I bet you are thinking - a trash can-well, you might be half right-but a big trash can was a lot cheaper than any plastic tote I could find at the time and they fix right up under my cutting table.

These leftover pieces were ones from all of my smaller projects -like those ornaments and the check book covers and the aprons. I had these left over pieces and I could not bring myself to donate them ? I kept hoping that I would find a use for them - Yet - we all know how hard it is to have enough "storage space" for hopeful dreams?

Then enters the "Mug Rugs! Yea! A whole new life for some wonderful fabric.

I Love all these fabrics -and They ARE COTTONS! That is unusual for me to get to appreciate them. I start fumbling through them and I fall in love with this piece with all the owls. I got this piece to make my girlfriends daughter an apron and had this left over-so Now I know what to do with it. I get tickled with all these new projects online because it seems the crazier the mixture of designs -the better they do????

As I dig back in looking for something to finish out the front I run across this small leftover piece - and with this project - leftovers are a good thing. I will use this piece to set off the darker owls. : )

Now, I start off by squaring up my main piece. Just being able to handle it makes me happy and lifts my mood.

Remember what I said about strange fabric mixtures? Well, this one wins as one  of the ugliest pieces to me, but it was given to me and I do not want to waste it. It has similiar colors as the browns on the owls -so I think this might work for the backing.

Then I cut out the filling for the middle of my fabric sandwich.When I get to this stage  I always start to feel like this is too easy and that I should have to rearrange them so that when you would get them sewed together you would have to turn everything inside out and then just top stitch if you wanted to? I have not seen anybody do this - YET- LOL

Yes, I know this one is larger than the first ones , but I just could not bring myself to cut out the owls. If it turns out to be too big - then I can always use it on DH's table beside his chair where he makes all of his messes. I am learning to love how "the quilting process" changes the texture of the the fabrics.

O POO! I cannot believe this camera actually is working -so I take a second picture - just for good measure! : ) You know how it is - tomorrow it will not work unless it wants to and here lately that has not been very often.

Something else I have learned today is that the quilting process can even turn the ugliest fabric into something pretty with a whole different life of its own. : )

I just had to pass along that not only the camera is on the frets - my monitor also kicked the bucket today. It was giving me a fit last night and I just could not figure out what was going on. LOL So, I kidnapped DH's monitor from his computer just to make for sure  - and it works like a charm. So, I guess it is time to give the old one a fitting burial.

We have really had high winds today and the news was just talking about all the problems it has caused - SOOOOOO many customers without electricity and many building just Blown down  and thousands of  dollars of damage-so we really got lucky here!

Thank you guys for being the perfect ending for a perfect day. : )
love to all!

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  1. How fun!!! I love the owls! And I have to tell you what I am doing with my scraps. I bagged them up to take down to our hunting club. I figure I will have more time to sew down there so I plan to make lots of mug rugs! Don't u love them? And thanks for loving my plastic bag purse. Isn't that something? I would love to know how to make those rugs you were talking about in my comment.