Saturday, April 23, 2011

Another week gone bye-bye

Just where and how it goes so fast I will never understand.Maybe it is because when we are young and in our youth we spend our time  working uphill as we master school and marriages and children and jobs. Dreams come and go as we learn each new lesson. Some of us spend our life-times experimenting and jumping from experience to experience. Some of us happen to find the path we want to be on for the duration of this lifetime.

But then we reach a plateau and we rest for a spell  and decipher what all the experiences have been for. Some do - some don't .Some just take it for granted that it is all part of the "ride". But to others - then begins the descent  with lessons on the opposite side , just as important to us as well as to others that our life touches as we move along.

Today was one of the days that feels  kinda wasted to me. I was just so Bone tired that I could not seem to get  my act together.  My eyes wandered all around and saw a gazzilion  things that needed to be done. But- it seemed there were so many of them that I just could not figure how how to handle them.  So it  got delegated to the jobs that just were the most urgent. Like feeding the husband and doing animal chores and running the vacuum to try to keep up with the dirt and hair, plus DH's brother and grandson came hunting  and hunters always bring dirty boots when it is wet outdoors. .I did do some outdoor work and even evicted some bees from two of my birdhouses. Darn pesky varmits. Didn't they read that sign that said for Birds ONLY!

It really feels like I have not done anything to my spirit -but to my body it is still complaining about how tired it is. I guess a day without sewing seems like a waste to me. It has a way of rejuvenating you - it seems to set your spirit free . Dirt will always be here where human beings are -but each of us will not always be here so we need to make our happy  tracks as we move along.

The weather was certainly beautiful and I did enjoy that . I know that there are only so many days until Ole Man Winter comes blowing back in - so I am trying to be so thankful for each beautiful day that we have. I just wish the beautiful days could have a few more minutes in them. :)

So, I bid you good nite and love to you all as you follow your path along.

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  1. Happy Easter mate.... I'm glad you are having beautiful weather now.