Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Butterfly Mug Rug

I can hardly believe that "hump day" is here already. I got all the chores accomplished and got DH and I fed and then he had a doctor appointment to go have blood work done. He said he got really lucky today because the nurse did a great job at not hurting him. We both just really hate needles. : )

After that was over it was almost time for my counseling session.It seems like that is the highlight of each week for me.A time to connect with another female human being who tries to wade through my life and help me make some kind of sense of it all.It seems like each age has been a different chapter and I need to use each one to build on and learn from -hoping to become a better person as I tackle each new lesson and learn how to file each old one.

On the way home DH has to stop and pick up a gallon of oil for his tractor and lawn mower. I am always so relieved to see  home and I go about doing evening chores while he works on his tractor. Then I make a break for the sewing room and my heart kinda skips a beat to be allowed to imagine what I want to create.

I pull out the "Magic Trash Can /fabric storage  and decide on this piece with the butterflies. They always represent to me a time of transformation and that is one thing that all of us humans share-each day is a brand new day and we change daily.

With this piece I decided to pick out two of the Main butterflies for my center-piece. At first it feels like a waste -but then I decide not , as it is just a teeny weeny little sliver and it will leave me with something of beauty instead of  just a mixture of colors. Kinda like our days are -some days we really accomplish something that stands out in our mind -and some days they are just a mixture of events?

The butterfly fabric I had bought a few years ago when I made everyone aprons and this one was for my beloved friend, Ruth because she loves flowers and butterflies and birds . The pink piece was actually a scrape piece that Ruth had given me when I was cleaning for her one day. My dear friend will be 91 this Summer and she is still the Queen of her own house and a remarkable person. If only we could All be like her as we age, able to keep our abilities about us and run our own lives. She is inspirational to me. : )

Well, shoot -  time has flown away and I have to stop .
Sending love to all : )

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