Monday, April 11, 2011

Tieing Up Loose Ends

What a perfectly lovely morning this was as DH was out turkey hunting for a brief period of time and I went to the sewing room to try and get some Peaceful work done. You know - the kind that you are not wore out tired and the house is quiet enough to think and let those ideas wander around in your brain for a while before you decide which one to act on.LOL

I decided that since I liked doing the mug rugs where I had sewn them together and then turned them inside out -I like that better than the bias -although I did like the bias because it added another color element ! Still, since I like the other way I was afraid I would not go back and finish the ones I had started -but had not put the bias on and I did not want that to happen-so I rolled out the bias piece I had made and decided to iron a fold in it to see If that would make it fit better and give me less of a problem when it comes to those corners!You quilters must be geniuses  because those corners are the pits!

This mug rug is one that I think will look good with this bias on it.  I was trying to decide which would be the Best way to start and finish??????

Well, I concentrated SOOOO very hard trying to make this project behave itself. I do like the colors very much. :)

Next I had a piece of red store bought 1/2 inch bias and I had a project with red - so I decided to try my luck.

Yes, I certainly did learn something here - the wider bias is SOOOOO much easier to work with. Lesson learned!

I also went outdoors and did my chores today and the weather is Beautiful so I took the rake and spent an hour and half raking and cleaning up. It seemed like the more I cleaned - the more that needed doing -but I was too hot already so I gave up and went in the house to take a shower. When I looked in the mirror my face was blood red -so I think I made a wish decision to come in. There will always be crud waiting for me somewhere. ! LOL


  1. It is so nice to have ME time. Looks like you had fun sewing.

  2. Oh I love that quiet time too. We all need that. I LOVE that red mug rug!! They are so fun to make! Oh and I loved your story about the afghan with the light houses. I hate you had to break your leg to finish it though. I would love to see a picture of that!