Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tornado Warning

I did not post last  night because we had our first tornado warning, in my lifetime.It was getting really dark and really foggy so we had finished our outside chores and went into and turned on the weather. They were warning everybody to go to your basement IF you had one and stay away from doors and windows. In my experience - that was similar to people telling you not to look down when you are climbing. LOL We stayed glued to the door and porch - just keeping an eye out and listening. We were having buckets of rain and heavy winds and also keeping an eye on the storm on the tv.. The odd part since we have never had this experience before was that you just kept watching the movement of the storm and did not know until later when family kept calling to check on everybody was that really bad damage had been done to two small towns just a few miles from us.We had managed to scare everyone because we had unplugged everything -not realizing that then the phone would not work. : (  We finally realized it and plugged the phone back up so we could answer all the frantic calls from family.

It seemed the storm had passed so I headed to bed - too much excitement in one day. It was a little hard to go to sleep because of the electric display in my window.But, I was up again at 12 because another round of it was upon us again. It thundered and lightened for the next 2 hours. The thunder was so loud that it rumbled the entire house and the lightening was so bright that every time it blasted my eyeballs - it would leave me blind for a couple of minutes and then it would come again.

Then we found out this morning that the little town 12 miles from us had been hit hard and part of it was on fire . One house blowed off of its foundation and roofs gone. Several families were given shelter at the local school.
The second little town -the gas station had been shredded and a lady who was there in her car at the time said it picked her car up and scared her to death. She was crying and you could see how scared she was.

We were SOOOOOOOOO blessed. We had torrents of rain and winds. The ground looks like it has been swept clean -all of the top soil is gone in places where we walk and things just look "different". After hearing about all of the damage nearby  it just leaves you with a strange feeling - knowing what others have gone through and yet we are still intact
DH got up and went turkey hunting this morning - just like nothing had happened. Of course his brother and grandson did not show up because they were right in the middle of the action -but not hurt. They had said last night that an apartment was on fire and they said that a baby was in it and they could not get to it. I am soooo hoping that was not true or that it did get rescued.

I went out and did morning chores because the weather says to be prepared because the same thing might happen again tonight !  As I was doing chores , I could not help but notice that it was a very quiet morning - almost eerie , because normally everything is really bursting with excitement as the day gets off to a new start and birds are nornally singing at the top of their lungs celebrating a brand new day .

I have several parakeets and several people asked me why I did not want to teach them to talk? I told them that they do talk -all day long and that I prefer their language because I can turn on the radio or tv all day long and hear human voices - I have birds because I want to hear "bird music". LOL

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