Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Birthday DH!

This was DH's 64th birthday and I got him pretty good. I gave him the mug rug first and  he opened them and thought they were nice. Then I gave him the smaller package and he opened it and found candy. A kind of candy that he does not even like. He turned it every which way and some how the tape I had used to tape the hole back together had become invisible! Then he got the scissors and cut it open and that was when he saw the money and his face lite up. LOL He was one happy camper.

He took off and tilled our neighbor's garden and came back and we went to town and to the feed store . By then I was pooped! When we pulled back in the yard I spotted this  rose starting to bloom. It is my favorite because it has NO thorns!It is not filled out yet - it will get much prettier!

This is what they will look like when they cover the plant! :)

Snowball was having so much fun rolling while I was snapping pictures. Little did he know what was in store for him!

This is my favorite tulip of all of them - I love the fringed edges and I only have the one.

Another cute one that I stopped and said HI to. :)

I had to stop and smell the lilacs ! I had wanted them for years and a friend gave me two of them . I have waited almost 10 years to have it bloom and enjoy its sweet fragrence! What a treat! :)

See what I mean - Mr. Snowball ended up with a bath because we are going to DH's sister's tomorrow and she is good enough to let the furbabies come visit with her - so I want them to look nice. It was really time for their baths anyway - but a trip is always good inspiration.

Little Bear got her bath also -and she is more forgiving . :) Then Miss Dixie went and hid from me. She is getting to be too smart for her own good!After their baths I locked them in the house to dry while I unloaded the feed and then I went to cleaning the car up. I always Hate it when it gets so dirty. I wish I had a magic car fairy to help keep it clean.

Just as I was finishing it was dark and now it is time for a shower. I hate to take one so late because my hair will not dry-but as usual I have just 'ran out of time".I hope everyone has had a wonderful day.


  1. Happy birthday to the Man! I hope he had a great day. I love all the flowers and puppies. Your getting all summery while we are going to have winter, but there is no sign of it yet. It's still hot and dry here.

  2. So pleased you were able to surprise your DH with your gifts.
    Oh all you flowers are just beautiful. I also love the yellow frindged tulip.
    Have a lovely day out at your SIL's.