Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring flowers

What a perfectly beautiful Spring morning and Maria had asked me to show some of my tulips that are blooming. Now this is a challenge because when I opened the camera for my first picture I NOW had NO way to see what I was aiming at-gone - just plain gone-sooooo - I took aim and fired -hoping for the best.I should know by now that nothing can ever come easy for me. This Is one of my favorite tulips and I just love it. LOVE

I can see that I almost missed this one but its shape is so neat-it has such clear Sharp lines that it just draws your eyes to follow the shape.

This one makes me think it has a little face peeking out at me for being so nosey. LOL

It certainly is hard to just "AIM" at your target and hit where you aim???

This one is such a mixture ???

And this beauty may be last - but not least in any look. It is so beautiful. These flowers make me think of a lady that I only got to meet one time -but she has made a lasting effect on my memory. My girlfriend works in nursing homes and she had asked me to come up and meet one of the tennets. She was one of the perfectly Lovely people! I think she was in her 80's and her talent was making flowers!  But somehow she had developed this technique all on her own. She would take a real flower apart and use it petal to make her a design for -then cut each leaf out of organza -then put them together with the  flower parts you can get at craft stores.They looked SO real - you could not tell they were not real until you were right up on then and sometimes you even had to touch them to make for sure.

She offered me her patterns that she and her hubby had made together-but to me they were a treasure and I could not bear to take them from her. Then within a month she was gone from this world and my friend told me that her family came in and took anything of value and she saw them throw the "treasure " away in the dumpster. My heart was killed a second time now at how anyone could be so thoughtless- but the memory of this wonderful Artist will forever be carried in my heart. I wish I had met her a lot sooner and could have learned so much .

So this made my perfect morning and then the day took off like a race horse and then tonight Lynne took me with her to the Sewing Guild meeting and that was so nice too. Spending time with Lynne was so special and then seeing the pretties that others had made was a treat. We have so many talented "fiber artists " in our beautiful world and it is a treat to get to see what they have "birthed"!
Love to all!


  1. What a wonderful story about the flower lady. I am sorry no one in her family valued what she truly loved.

  2. Thank you Linda for sharing your beautiful tulips with us. What a lovely story about the flower lady. How sad her family throw out her treasures.