Friday, December 31, 2010

Almost a brand new Year

It always amazes me that there is a time and a new chapter where we start a entire new year.Also lots of people make what is called "New Years Resolutions".To each person a brand new year would be different for each one of us. In the dictionary resolution is stated as: the act of resolving something, (B) the result of this, 2. a determining  B.) the thing determined upon;DECISIONS  as to future actions 3. a result quality of mind 4.A formal statement of opinion 5. a solving  or answering : solution.

Sounds kinda awesome , doesn't it? I used to try one new resolution each year - attempting to make me a better person. :)I think that is what I am  going to work towards again this year.:)Plus, I will continue to try to "improve" my sewing skills.

But right now , even though the New Year will come "ringing " in and I am SO tired -it is hard to be in a "celebration " mode. :)

But , I am working on another one of the green tye -dyed shirts, but this one will have short sleeves for this Summer. I am so tickled that I will be one shirt "ahead".  I almost "muffed it" because when I cut the long piece of knit fabric into pieces big enough to cut out a new shirt - when I washed them -one piece of them shrank a little too much and the bottom of the fabric came out to be about 1 inch too short? And IF I had wanted another long sleeve one - there was not enough fabric to make long sleeves , So I am very fortunate. :)   

I hope all of my e-family has a new and wonderful year ahead of us and that we can all have good health!
hugs, Linda

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  1. Hope your family is well. Miss your post this weekend