Monday, December 27, 2010

Hi Everybody

I guess I am trying to "get back on track" once again. LOL  As I was sitting here at the computer looking out my window on the bird feeder -I see all of my little feathered friends . They are working so very hard just to get fed .I wish I had somewhere that they could go to just get warm.They are so very sweet and it always lifts my spirits to be allowed a window into their lives. I have just refilled their little feeder and they are sitting in all the trees and bushes wondering if they should trust me. This year is the first time we have ever had the little sparrows come to visit and they seem to enjoy running off the titmice . There is a very handsome red bird and his mate and they are large enough that the sparrows do not bother them. This is also the first year a little bird about the size of a sparrow with a grey back, white underbelly - and it has the cutest little dance it does if the seeds get knocked on the ground.

I guess you might call what I am doing -Chilling - LOL - In more ways than one! Maybe the birds have rubbed off on me because I seem to be flitting from one place to another. I should be old enough to know you can not accomplish a lot IF you have too many irons in the fire. :) Plus, I have this "gosh-aweful" belly-ache. Wonder who gave me this for Christmas???? :)

I was studying DH this morning while we had breakfast. I have often seen him put on a tee shirt and then pull like the devil at the neck. I had asked him why he does he do that and he said he cannot stand anything to rub his neck. OF course by the time he pulls the neck that always makes the back ride up and make him look like a "hunch-back" - which of course he is not.

Then it happened to hit my memory of a patter I have somewhere of a v-neck shirt??? That might be the perfect solution? I remember hearing Lynne say one time that the v-neck gives some people a lot of trouble-and we all know how I feel about TROUBLE! I also know that my dear friend up here in the country -got together for a class and I did not "get it" and she did. For some amazing reason she just took to that design like a duck to water and now she makes all of her scrubs and is so very proud of herself.

To me it is an amazing thing to be able to create something for me to wear. That is still my goal -to have a complete wardrobe of "Created by Linda". The funny part of it is that when I make something for me I usually just love it so much that I take off wearing it and of course wear it out because I have now stuck the "other clothes) back in a storage area.  LOL Maybe I should investigate this further and this would be a good time to donate the things that I think I will never wear and let somebody get some use out of them.

I am so in love with that variegated green shirt I made for Christmas with the little birds on it!!!  I really want to just "live in it" BUT I love it so much that I only want to wear it when we go somewhere and I cannot do both things at once. Yea, I know - I just need to make a few for me to enjoy. There is no law in my neck of the woods that says you cannot have more than a certain number of shirts. LOL

:www.bettysoriginalembroideries.comThis is the link to where I captured those precious little birdies!  Yes, these are embroidery designs - but at the bottom of where they are displayed she shows really great ideas on projects someone has made with them and the ideas are so neat!

Tomorrow is DH's day to go to the doctor  and I am SO hoping for good news. So, we will see what that brings. I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to a whole new week to start dreaming of all those new projects we are going to tackle~~
love to all!

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  1. Just popping in for a minute. I think the little bird with the gray back and white underbelly is a Junco..the redbirds probably Cardinals. Our state bird. ;)

    Happy New Year to you and yours!