Tuesday, December 21, 2010

All Nighter?

I had to start somewhere on Monday morning -so I started working on DH a surprise shirt. Have you ever tried to be sneaky? Well, if so you know the likely result is that you will get caught! So, when he magically appeared in the sewing room - looking over my shoulder - I told him it was for our baby son.  He said he liked the fabric and the deer.

Then when he left I cut out the one for our baby son so I could sneakily have two going at the same time. That was funny because he Always caught me working on his - which he now thought was the sons. :(

It turned into a long day as I decided to make an "all-nighter" out of it and you can see I have already wore out poor little Cowboy the kitten who is keeping my chair warm for me. :) But, no sitting there tonight -back to the sewing room -where the action is! :)

So, this one will be for DH and of Course I made a boo-boo. I cut my neckband too short and had to piece it , but it does not look bad -AND' after it was finished I noticed that my serger was having a loose stitch every now and then. . Plus, I did not like the wrist band - it just did not suit me. But , I guess when you work all night long and fatigue gets to you that you make a few mistakes?

 Then this one if for our baby son - he is a size large , while Pop was a medium, but it was getting too large for him so I changed Pops to a small ? This one does not have any embroidery design on it - I am just curious if he will notice? :)

This was my big disappointment of the night. This picture does not do it justice, as it is a lovely varigated mixture of greens and I normally use the size small (although in store-bought shirts that would be a XL) LOL  and it is so soft and it was to be my Christmas shirt. Plus, I had found this most lovely design at Betty's Embroiders. These little birds are called- It's Cold Outside! and I think they are just cute as a button - but when it was completed - it was a mile too big for me ! GRRRRR ! So, I went back and copied the size small(only in my dreams) LOL and am starting again. But , let me show you how cute these little birds are!

Now, don't you think that they are , "cute as a button" too!And I want a shirt with these little guys on it! :)

Well, it is 7AM and we need to get ready to go get some critter feed and get that out of the way so we can get ready to go to West Virginia tomorrow to have Christmas with DH's sister. So, gotta run! (or that may be stumble????) LOL


  1. Don't you just hate that when you get caught.I have just made a Christmas Stocking for my DH and he NEARLY caught me. Put it away just in time.

  2. I love your sweatshirts...all of them are wonderful!

  3. Great job on your sweatshirts Linda. Maybe the first one you made for yourself will work as a nightshirt. I think Little Cowboy is having some sweet dreams of his own. LOL