Saturday, December 18, 2010

It seems the closer we get -the less I accomplish :(

It started when I overslept this morning because I could not fall asleep last night. Too many things I wanted to accomplish kept running through my head , yet I knew I was so tired that I would mangle anything I touched.

I finally drug out of bed and fixed us both some oatmeal. I eat mine with fresh apples diced in raw and pour the hot oatmeal over them with cinnamon because I have read that cinnamon helps to regulate your blood sugar - so I use every tip I can to keep mine under control.

Gosh and by the time I got the dishes washed and headed to the sewing room it was already 1pm. I had good luck through and managed to download the design I had picked out to go on the back of the white fleece jacket. I could hardly believe that it sewed out perfect! Talk about a smile on my face! Ever since Cory worked on it - it has done better and better and saved me from quiet a few "white hairs". I am so pleased!

Then I noticed it was time to go do my chores because we had a appointment with one of our neighbors -who was also my school - chum. We try to get together at Christmas each year and spend a couple of hours just playing catch-up!.Then we exchange gifts and she Always gets me the most Amazing things! :) I know it is not the gift - it is the thought that counts - and I am so grateful that we have held onto this friendship through the years.I believe that she has touched many life's due to her work as a nurse! I know one time I was so sick and ended up in the emergency room . I t turned out it was pneumonia and I cannot remember what else- I was so whipped that I had decided to go to the hospital just to die. While I was laying on the little roll around bed I happened to see Patty and my heart just skipped a beat- she looked like an angel of mercy to me! Thanks to her care I did live to fight another day. That was until the day that I fell out in the yard. It was suppose to be just a simple fall on my butt deal - but for some reason as I went down I shattered all the bones in my leg - where you leg gets smaller as it heads toward your ankle - and also all the bones in my ankle when it popped .. I knew it was broken because it sounded like a gun went off. It was horrible . Of course I screamed and cried  and DH found me  and we were lucky as I was just a few feet from the car. I really did not want him to touch me -the pain was so excruciating. When we arrived at the hospital DH went and got a wheel chair for me and we got in a line to check in. Mean while I was still sobbing. They were going to put me in the back of a long line of people-and I just got lucky and my angle was working and we just kinda bumped into each other because she was in charge of the emergency room . She wheeled me right on back and they took an x-ray and gave me pain shots.- and more shots and more pain shots as it was doing nothing to ease the pain. When they had the x-ray read they told me that I had done a really good job - shattering all the bones at one time! :( I do not like Pain!)

The put some kind of casty thing on my leg and ankle and when it had hardened they made me a appointment with a specialist in bones the next day. He was another angel. They said he had been a football star one time and he had nice large hands -and he also had a wonderful Heart. The deal was to wear a boot until he could do the surgery to screw me back together! But - you know how things do not always go as planned. For some reason he was Very upset at the hospital for putting that other thing on me and due to that I took a form of blood poisoning. Where he would have to cut formed what looked like a ankle bracelet all around my ankle and it looked like the prettiest bright red charms dangling from it which looked like tear drops -but were filled with my blood?  He said he could not cut in that because it would put me in more danger-Yet- if he waited too long he would have to break it all over again.:( Not my Idea of fun!

But things worked out good because he got rid of the blood problems and he did get me put back together. He said I would always have a problem with it , but at least I could use it! He was right about that too. But, I am just so grateful to be able to have my independence back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of him and how he worked a miracle for me. :)

  But the entire day was not a loss - somewhere between morning and midnight I managed to pull off another pair of lounge pants for one of the grandson's partner. She has had a life with many challenges . Her mother was a person who sits with people but she is evil. When her daughter was 8 months pregnant she beat her with curtain rods - right on her stomach too. She was black and blue the next day. It was horrible - and I wondered how many of these experiences she had lived through in her lifetime? She did carry the baby full term and they have a beautiful baby girl.

I better scram - it seems that DH and I both got sick tonight and we are fighting for the bathroom and a headache to kill you! Tummy ache galore! I am hoping if we get some rest -I will fill better tomorrow , so I can get back on the fleece outfit. Time is flying and I still have more to do and I still want to put up the little artificial tree. It has seen better days and we did get it for the second time around store. Last year it decided not to work and DH would tear it apart and get it going again and again  and again. :)

Love to all!

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