Thursday, December 16, 2010

O BOY ! I FINALLY DID something Right! :)

We woke up to an icy world and more ice was falling from the sky most all day. Everything is covered in ice and you can hear the music of the ice as it falls from the heavens and collides with the ice already on the ground.  Because it was that way and I was not to anxious to"bust my bottom" going outdoors I stayed in my sewing room and actually got something accomplished. I have completed the fleece pants that I am making for the oldest grandson.

 He had asked for his name to be on the legs and this is his last name and I put his first name on the other side.

I added the dragon at the bottom of both legs. While I was working on this the ice was just pouring down outside. It was so heavy at times that it looked like a shower curtain hanging up-but you could hear it .

For the cord I added those little cord locks to not let it get pulled into the casing and also to add a little bit of trim to match the black embroidery.

 I used a blind hem stitch on the legs and that was the part I was so thrilled with. I was so tickled to sew some perfect stitches that I wanted to pop! LOL

Now it is time to start on the jacket. I learned one valuable piece of advice in the four years I have been sewing. I treated myself to a very nice Gingher pair of scissors and I was madly in love with them. They were a big step up from the dollar pairs I had always had.

Then I fell in love with working with fleece and I made everybody in our family fleece jackets. The next year they started giving me trouble and I took them to a man to be sharpened at a JoAnn's fabric store. I had to do that the next year also. The third year we took a road trip and went to North Carolina to a fabric store I had heard wonderful things about. I was talking to one of the employees there and asked her about how they maintained their scissors . She told me to ALWAYS have two pair of scissors -one for general sewing and one STRICTLY for fleece because fleece was so hard of your scissors??? By then my Ginghers were getting so very loose and the next man tightened them up - but within a weeks time they had worked loose again. :(

I also have a pair of Tonic -spring loaded scissors that my youngest son gave me for Christmas 4 years ago. When I first got them and showed them to Lynne she did not think much of them -because she had scissors that she loved and none of them were spring loaded. I did have problems with them to start with because they seemed to have a bur on the tip and it  made them grab the fabric before I could get them under the fabric to cut it. Buy now that they have some age on them -they do not do that and they are the only pair that cuts through fleece like it is butter and I have never sharpened  them and I use them all the time IF I am cutting several layers of fabric. So, I have not decided IF they are really great scissors - OR - IF it is because my son gave them to me?????? Either way I love them!  :) I just really felt so honored that he took the effort to think what would Mama use in her sewing and came up with the scissors. It is such an honor when someone cares enough about you to pay attention to you. :)

I hope everyone has had a SAFE day -and I wish we could send some of this cold stuff over to Australia and New Zealand . Imagine not ever having snow - LOL - that would be GREAT for me! LOL


  1. Those pants look GREAT!!!
    I have some Gingher scissors my mom got me years ago. I have not really used them much, but they seem dull and need sharpening. I'll have to have that done. I love the spring action scissors also!

  2. I love those pants!! They are wonderful. And yes, it does mean something when other pay attention and do something special for us. It makes us thankful to know we are appreciated.

  3. You did a magnificent job on your grandson's pants. The embroidery designs are a nice touch.

    Using good quality scissors as critical when cutting fabrics. And, as you have discovered, each scissor has its own purpose. I love Kai brand scissors and own several pairs. They are a bit spendy, but well worth the additional cost.