Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Coming back to life :)

Wow- I don't know what blowed my tires - BUT- I am coming back to life now. :) I came back to the sewing room and started clearing things back to where they belong . I realized that after Christmas there are birthdays coming so I pulled out my last two pieces of knit that I had bought . Then I picked out patterns and took the front and back pieces and laid on the knit fabric. Next I cut it off in big squares so I could "handle" it in the wash machine. I did not want another one of those monster snakes of fabric that wrap all around itself  and is a nightmare to untwist!

I did manage to cut up all the camo blue knit and about half of the tye-dye green double knit that I love so much. I also laid out what I hope to be supper and let it defrost. It will be talapia fish that was given to us-But- I am  having problems with ways to cook it. I don't enjoy a fishie taste and last time I cooked it , I coated it with mayonnaise and then rolled it in Parmesan  cheese .  It was ok , but still looking for a "winner" of a recipe.

While my fabric is washing and drying so it will be pre-shrunk I was going to transfer phone service from one phone to another - But- the phone that had been charging all night long was now dead as a door nail. :(
So I put it back on charge and watched to make sure it was still charging?  DH was "playing " with it last nite - so I am hoping that he just knocked something loose on it. HOPE! HOPE! HOPE!

Well, shoot!
While I was contacting the seller I ran into a note telling us that USPS and UPS are all raising their shipping rates on January 2. :( I guess progress marches on.

Well, when DH got in the house all he had to do was just pick it up and the phone turned right on! Goes to show that machines just do not like me at all. But that made me happy and I emailed and told the seller because he had offered to send me another phone. I think he is "gogreencellphone" and he is a really nice person.

After supper and dishes I headed to the sewing room and got the first green shirt cut out for me. I had managed to cut it exactly how it should be and proceeded to cut the first shirt out for me with long sleeves. Next I moved on to a larger size and discovered that it had shrank too much and that piece was now too small for my sister-in-laws shirt -! Well, I had been secretly hoping that I could get me another shirt in this color with short sleeves for this SUMMER! You know - the Summer that I am missing and yearning for.Dh did say that our oldest son had told him that the days were now getting longer and I told him , yep! That is so true and I LOVE IT!

Every time we get a snow I just come in the sewing room and turn on the bright lights and pretend that it is Summer and I get happy. Guess I have a pretty good imagination? LOL Maybe I should embroider on this first shirt Just in case that machine decides to eat the first one - at least I could use the fabric for the second one to save the first?????

I will definitely use that sticky stabilizer that Nancy-Jane from Quilt Flower  sent to me ! Don't want to take any chances, thanks to her! Thank you so much , dear friend! :)

O shoot, I am back to my boo-boo ways and have put it in the  hoop with the stabilizer in the wrong direction. Hum? I guess some things will never change? Gotta take it off and rehoop it and resew it. :(
But more adventures were on the horizon. Right off the bat it punched a hole right in the fabric! :(  So, I pulled it out and studied the disaster and decided to take a needle and thread and embroider a small flower to match the rest of the design and move on .

Boy, this is taking longer than I had estimated and I am getting soooo tired.Well, we finally finished at 12:30. Whewwwwwwwwwwww! I'm beat. Seems like it feels like we were waging a war between the bad machine and the weary human. But, anothter battle won -does not mean that the war is over. :)
Good night my family! I hear my bed calling.

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