Thursday, December 23, 2010

There is no turning back now - Christmas is almost upon us. :)

Santa is probably checking out all of his reindeer ., making sure each is healthy  for the big ride. I know after working all year long it is almost time for it to all be over in a brief time frame. I am fairly happy with most , but as usual there are two that I am not satisfied with. But, I am also so tired that I do not have good skills to accomplish my dreams.

Especially since all of this car-sickness is just getting the best of my spirits. I got sick again after our trip to W.Va. and was up till wee hours in the morning and then after I ate breakfast my stomach went into complaining once again. I am not for sure how to handle your stomach when you have had misery and then hours later you are hungry , but scared to eat and when I did , sure enough -misery all over the place again. Maybe now I am just getting nervous "heeby-jeebies" ???????Plus the one friend I care so much about - I just could not find something that would help ease her pain for the horrible year she has had with her DH being so sick and then passing away this Summer. I like to think that we are all out here to help each other along the path, and when I cannot pull it off -I get so disappointed in myself. :(

DH urged me to ride to the store with him to look at something that our oldest son wanted Dad to check out and while there I picked up some Imodium for diarrhea and stomach cramps. I thought , what happened to me -earlier I was working on a shirt that I want to wear to our son's house on Christmas and I was happily working away. I even sat down for a minute just counting my blessings that I would not be "out there" in the crowds and then I ended up out there anyway and sick to boot! Phoo!

Plus, it is blue blazing cold! The temperature says 29 , but those wind gusts are terrible. Once I get cold anyway that causes the Fibromyalgia to rear its ugly head and I just freeze up. Literally and it is miserable. It is like getting cold from the inside out and so hard to get that warmed up.

But, I had a wonderful treat when we came back home -Santa had made a pass at our mailbox and helped to deliver a gift from all the way from Australia! So, check this out:

Isn't this the Cutest little Owl you have ever seen -wait till you see his precious little legs - they really rock. This came all the way from Sue at . I am so honored .

check out these precious little legs! I just love him. She did say that I could use him to hold my pins - but - I am afraid if I "prick" him he might cry and I would not want that.  I think he can team up with Maria's little angel to help keep me straight.  Plus, there is something about a friend helping to keep you on the right path. You know if they cared enough to reach across time and space -then you should care enough to push on through your journey.

I love all of you and am hoping for the best holiday that you ever had - as we all "swim along together"!


    Look out for a parcel from HERE in NZ next month girl!!!

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  3. OOPS!!!
    I just love Sues owl. I am sure HE will put a smile on your face when you are sad.
    Have a Wonderful Day with your family.

  4. That li'l birdie looks right at home there...........