Thursday, December 30, 2010

Murder Discovered

Do you guys happen to remember when I told you that something was killing our pigeons -maybe last Spring??? Well , the same thing started happening 3 nights ago,but this morning at 3AM DH went out to feed the stove and as he looked up into the pigeon pen with his flashlight - there was a OWL! He called it a screech owl because it was small and it ran back to the space in the chain link fence that it traveled through and took off. I was AMAZED! This afternoon I took some small mesh fencing and ran it around the bottom of the pen and will see how that does??? :)

DH had tried to shoot it last night but missed all 3 times. I told him that I did not want to kill it because I love owls. That I only wanted to know what it was to satisfy my curiosity and to figure out how to outsmart it. The little owl is just doing his job of hunting and I know food is scare in all this snow. He only ate the heads of his victims?I told him IF it comes down to it again I would move the pigeons back to the wood pen until I could get the money to get some poultry wire to run around the chain link fence.

I did get to finish my new shirt and I am so glad I intended this one to be mine , because that naughty angel was back playing her pranks on me while Maria had her head turned. The very first stitch punched a big hole in the shirt front and it kept breaking threads and occasionally punching holes in the design. It was war all the way and then when I sewed the pieces together even that needle cut a couple of holes in the project.

I was sooo glad to get it finished today! Even with the boo-boos I can wear it in the house working. I really need another long sleeve shirt because the other two I had made for me are getting thread bare because I wash and wear and wash and wear.

My computer is also giving me problems and my Main computer is already almost out of service. It is HUNG and does not want to do anything . That is what happened to my other older computer. Even my sister-in-law has had computer problems. They got them a laptop last year sometime and had been enjoying it and wham - it was out of service too . They always had virus protection -but still it died. I asked her if their computer doctor told them anyway to protect their new laptops that they just gave each other for Christmas and she told me NO.

My oldest son has lots of computer problems because of all the kids in his house and seems like he reformattes it every 6 months or so. I know I should do one of these before they both kick the bucket on me-but it is such a pain in the butt. :)

Love to all! :)

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  1. Bugger about your shirt... freaking sewing machines!
    I NEVER LET my small kids on the computers! They can kill them faster than I can type! (which is quite fast I might add).

    I'm thinking OWL STEW sounds lovely!