Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gosh, Hump Day Already

This is just one of those COLD days -the highest the temperature went up to was 23 . I was lucky enough to have my counseling session this afternoon and we were coming through our small town and I looked at the sign on the bank and saw  23 and when I told DH that -he looked and it was 22-making a complete liar out of me!
There were signs up on the interstate that was warning everybody that a storm watch is in effect. We also stopped at a Lowes building supplies store and DH went to check out the price on some tool and I went to admire the Christmas pretties. When I went through the door to where the flowers were at -there was this heavenly aroma that just took my breath. I knew I would have to track down that scent. I was meandering  looking at all the pretty things with flashing colors I ran right smack into the rolling cart that has Asiatic Lillies . AAAAHHHH - that most wonderful of odors .If I had money these beautiful plants would be at my every turn at home. I did get lucky enough to have two of them -one is at the back of the house were I come out to do all my chores and I had planted it up against the grapevine support -so I can tye it to he support and not let the wind blow it over as they are very fragile to strong winds.The second one is going through the gate into the garden - again where there is supports I can tye it to. I had forgot all about planting them and then this past summer - I came out of the house and was transformed by this smell and then It hit me that I REALLY had one of these plants . It was a wondrous adventure-to have something that you love so much. :)

OF course while I was lost in thought I happened to see all the beautiful Christmas cactus and they were blooming in all colors. I am lucky enough to have a yellow one -which they did not have -AND- my sister-in-law gave me a baby red one last summer and it was full of blooms a couple of weeks ago-maybe it was wanting to be a Thanksgiving Cactus????? :) I don't care - I love them all. I have never met a flower that I did not love.

I have decided that my counselor is an angel and it took a car wreck and post traumatic stress to force me to open up a "can of worms" . So, if you get to the point where you lose yourself -getting help is a gift. We are only human , with human frailties and sometimes it helps to have someone to reach out a hand in time of need-especially if you have lived through traumatic experiences . Shoot, sometimes I would say you do not even have to do that - life is a treasure , but sometimes the burden of tackling lessons we all had done just gets so heavy that we can not seem to carry it with us. I do believe that is why so many people drink or do drugs or cut themselves -they are just seeking  answers. We all end up on our own path -searching for answers as we go along.

I felt really weak today , but still managed to work on one more project . Time is getting short - just in case somebody has not noticed !

I have decided that making clothing still has one problem that buying ready made clothes has. I used to find a style of something I would love and the color RED would always pop up and RED is not my favorite color with my red hair (with silver showing). Plus, my Mom always told me to stay away from red. LOL

So, I used to think if ONLY I could sew I could use the colors that I love and make me feel happy - WELL , I am here to tell you that does not work a LOT of the time . So, I guess it is another lesson learned.:)

This set of lounge pants DH picked out was due to the colors -we just had to accept that there is a design that is of ugly faces in there -but we still loved the colors and it is for a guy-so we are hoping for the best. This one will go to the young man that lives between our two sons . He had a horrible bike accident and it left him damaged  -over coming brain damage. But , I really think he is so great and consider him as "one of my kids". This past summer we let him have space to have his very own garden. He fell madly in love with his garden . DH took his tiller over for him to use and I wish you could have seen what all he grew and you could tell , just the gardening process was totally amazing him. It was so nice to see something so simple make him so happy-and that was a gift to see it have that effect on him. :)

It is calling for snow our way and they have the signs posted on the interstate , so I guess they are taking it seriously -while I am hoping that it goes some other direction.

So, I must bid you farewell and send love to all! :)

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  1. How lovely of you to make that young man lounge pants!
    Snow... brrrrr... so glad we don't get it here in Auckland.