Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Well now - that was pretty stupid, wasn't it?

What might that be-you might ask? Well , remember night before last when I pulled that overnighter-I should have know that it is hard for young people - BUT- it is downright painful for us -more Mature folks!  I made it till 7 pm last night and that was all it wrote. I sat down here at the computer going to say Hi , and the next thing I knew I was asleep -falling out of the chair-so I headed to the bed and that was the last I knew until this morning at 7AM. I might add that my back is soooooooo killing me and my hands and eyes are soooooooo swollen . I look like a cartoon character  and might make a good headline of , " Christmas is a Blast". Everyone would think it meant because some folks just like to party - and now as I think of it - I was having my own private sewing party-and yes I did get a lot accomplished that night. NO PHONES ringing and no hubby saying, " I"M STARVINGGGGGGGG"!  LOL  Just me and my machines working through the night - Humm? I think I left out my little brain was co-operating and-yes,  I still do believe that my little angel that Maria sent me is helping train that little mischievous angel that was tricking me so much. And all that made it possible for me to go to the mill and then make it home and do all the critter chores while DH unloaded the car and then come in and hit the living room-moving it all around while I used the steam clearner on it. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO dirty since I have been sewing none stop the last few days and having it clean made me feel soooooooooooooooooo much better and lift my tired spirits -until - I sat down to say Hi to you guys and that was the end of the road until I tried to get out of bed this AM . I was so stiff that I needed one of those "old time" oil cans~

So, I have to run again - we are getting ready to go to W.VA. to have our Christmas day with his sister and her hubby . I have already loaded the car with gifts I have worked on all year long-some of them I can't wait to see what they will think of . But then , that is just me and my Christmas! I have already taken my car-sick pill hoping to avoid that mess and puking on my white tennis shoes again-like the last time -last month.

I hope you each have aWonderful -pre-Christmas day , as we rock on down to the seconds till it arrives , and in past history - our baby Jesus was born and changed our world and so many of our lives. :)
Love to one and all!

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