Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Well, this day has come and gone

Geez ! Seems like time just flys. By the time I had got up and breakfast out of the way . Then it was time to get ready to go to DH's doctor visit. He actually got a good review , plus he go the results of  some of the tests -which were good also.

I asked the doctor were they going to take blood and he said no, not this time. He wants him back in six weeks for blood-work and to see how he is feeling. But he was very pleased that DH feels so much better. I had to laugh because he told the Doc that I was giving him"cancer-tea" and asked  if that was alright. The doc was even  aware of it and said that lots of people tried it also. It was like one of those "dahhhhhh" moments:wife is not trying to kill me and IF the doctor says it is ok - then now it is really ok. LOL

Now he has an appointment for 6 weeks away to do the blood-work.

Of course we did not get back in time that I could do anything sewing, but I did get a phone call from my Tenn. sis and where her Christmas had not arrived and I was about to give up hope and sure enough it arrived today! I am not for sure which of us was the more delighted. :) She had given us a gift card for a Red Robin and we gladly used it today. We would never have made it in that place to eat at if not for the gift! We both almost had a heart attack at the prices!  But we really enjoyed our visit and the people were so very nice. Then you add that I did not have to make supper and wash dishes and I loved that part. Aren't friends the greatest !!!!!!:)


  1. The medical news is sounding good. I'll keep sending Reiki to your DH in case it's helping.
    I'm so glad the missing parcel has arrived too.
    All in all a good day for you.

  2. I am pleased to hear your DH results were good.
    It is so nice to go out for lunch and no dishes is great.
    Oh speaking of parcels. Thank you so much for my lovely gifts which arrived today.

  3. Awesome news about 'the man'.... so glad he is feeling better.
    I love eating out too... no mess at home! Griffin is the most piggy eater on the face of the earth! We are still looking for a huge plastic bib with a curve at the bottom to catch all he drops!!! (Joking about the bib, really!)
    But sometimes I swear he should be fed outside!