Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

What an awesome time. When I was little I used to imagine Santa and his sleigh touring all around the world and I could hear the sound of bells floating through the air.As I got older I thought I must make a decision whether to just let Christmas die -OR- to practice Christmas all year long and keep the magic.

There are times when I have discovered that I am such a strange mixture ? I do love to laugh and have fun with my friends . But, I have this serious side that has met all the bumps in the road and got a little bruised along the way.But, I prefer to use those bruises as knowledge to watch for the signs of Others that are struggling and could use a hand every now and then .You know it does not always Have to be something Big- sometimes it can be the smallest gesture which will light the way .

You guys have been that light for me this year. What wonderful, wonderful sweet spirits you are-so very talented and so very generous with your talents.:)

I did finally manage to get my very own shirt for tomorrow, but I only managed to get the design picture because one son needed to borrow my camera for pictures of their baby at Christmas - his very first Christmas and he is a whole Month old. That was more important to me. I have another camera -but I have to charge it up and then read the manual because I can Never remember how to operate it. Throw in my "too tired excuse" and it will not be long before I fall into bed.  I do know that the oldest son has a blackpowder gun for Christmas and DH will be so shocked . He Loves guns the most of anything. His Mama told me that he ALWAYS had to have some kind of a gun as a kid- and then I picked up the slack and could usually manage to add to his collection. But, the last two years our finances have been the pits and I could not pull it off at all. Last year was the first time I disappointed him -so he will be so happy tomorrow. :)Men's toys are Just SO EXPENSIVE. :)

So Merry Christmas my dear friends !

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  1. Mens toys.... my man does not have any! Maybe I am his 'toy' lol!!!
    I hope you have a really lovely Christmas Day... much loves to youo. XOXOXOX