Monday, October 31, 2011

Trash Bag for Car

I had a little help keeping my "machinery" running correctly today. While Coco was on duty everything went well.

It was a lovely day -between the colors of all the leaves that are almost gone and covering the ground like a multi-colored carpet and that wonderful musky fragrance. It was really intoxicating. DH joined me for a while- I think he just wanted to spend time with me-then later I caught him crying. I know he is so scared and I am too.

So, while he worked on his truck I worked in the sewing room -back on the trash bags for the car. Working with vinyl takes more strength in your hands than I remembered. Plus, after I pinned hems in -as I was removing them while sewing - a larger percent of the heads came off of my pins. Oops- I will need more pins soon at this rate.

I took it out to DH's truck just to see how it would hang and it really looked cute. That makes one for sister-in-law and one for brother-in-law for Dear old HoHoHo!

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