Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Change of Plans

Well, shoot!Don't you hate it when you find a small window of opportunity that you plan to make good use of and then something blows you out of the water????????????

That's the way it was for me today. I went out and completed my morning  chores and enjoyed all of my babies -whether they be fur or feathers and had breakfast  while the laundry was working. I was lining up how to get in that sewing room while I was shaking rugs and vacuuming the living room floor. I changed the sheets on the couch and two chairs that catch all of the doggie hairs and dirt and brought back clean ones to put on. As I went around to tuck in a corner I spotted an "accident" one of the furbabies had had - so I quickly turned to go to the bathroom to get some tissue when I lost my balance and plowed right into an old time dairy milk can that we use for an end table. It caught my knee right where that soft spot is and the pain was so bad that it took my breath and I couldn't even cry because I was trying to breath.

My friend Debbie - has told me all of our life that "I am just an accident waiting to happen" and I am beginning to think that she might be onto something there?????????????DH came to my rescue and helped me to the chair and brought me some pain meds.After I thought it had been long enough I decided I had to put those sheets on and put the cleaner back up-but as I kinda turned an awful sliver of pain shot right through that knee and I had a little talk with myself about not being quiet as young as I used to be and I might should consider taking a load off of that knee for today and not risk any further damage-since our knees mean a lot to our daily activities. : (  

So, I hobbled around and put things back and hunted up my crochet supplies and a big cup of water and a ice pack , which I put on my knee and I sat there the rest of the day crocheting on another chicken-which I was hoping to have completed to show something for my efforts .( That chicken works pretty good at taking your mind off of things you do not want to think about because you have to do so much counting -almost every row is different and if you mess up -then when you sew the two pieces together -they will not fit right)

I was almost finished and as I was sewing those two pieces together - OF COURSE- I ran out of yarn. : (
I put every thing on the table beside me and eased out to go lock up the chickens when DH found me struggling and he said he would do it for me.- so I hobbled back into the house.

I know I need to do some computer work and have that finished by 8pm because I have signed up for a week long -two hour each night - seminar online about cancers- all the traditional treatments and  then alternative treatments . I am praying that maybe I can find some knowledge to help DH in his fight with this cancer that is making him so sick. I have no faith in modern medicine and a memory of something that was said one time about God helps those who help themselves keeps sticking in my brain. At the most - it can not do no harm.

It was a beautiful , beautiful fall day -they say that will change tomorrow night. I need to get that load of laundry off the line outside and hang up the load that is in the washer .Drats, Drats!

I will let you go - sending you all love -and hoping that none of you got hurt today too- because it sure makes it hard to do the things that you want to do! Maybe we are just meant to do something different????
Bye !

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  1. OH NO! So sorry you hurt yourself mate.... I hope your knee is feeling a bit better now?