Saturday, October 22, 2011

Black Chicken Nesting

Here is my next little chicken that flew down to roost with me tonight.There is just TOO much life to cram into a day for me. I have been working on her for the past 3 nights when things get quiet, because I cannot crochet and count and deal with noise.

Then today was crammed full of just living-morning chores, breakfast , dishes , laundry in and out , computer work because one of them wants to die on me and I need to Resurrect it -but need more knowledge!

I think DH had expected to see our oldest son today for hunting turkeys-but he could not come - probably working over time.So-the two of us old folks headed out into the woods where I had spotted trees down on the fence. It scared me to death because I knew IF the sheep were to get out -there would be no catching them and probably cause problems with the neighbors and I did not want that.

He got royally miffed at me and had his usual "temper - tantrums" but we worked at it. First he had trouble with his chainsaws -they did not want to start. Then we had flat-tires on the truck-one of his Worst problems that he HATES the most . The fence down was at the bottom of a gully, so we climbed down in there and he cut and I throwed brush off of the fence and we had firewood out of the messes that I tossed up the hill . We worked our way up the hill and then I got stuck in a hole in the fence where the deer had been coming and going. Let's just say -my rumbleseat is a wee bit bigger than theirs! LOL

He went and got the truck and we started at the top of the hill and throwed the firewood on the truck as we went down toward the house. Those leaves that have fallen are slick as ice. I lost my footing and went scooting down one hill - halfway down one foot slid down under a buried root and I got stopped just in time before breaking the old bones!

One time when we were on two opposite sides of the fence and a fallen tree on my side needed to be cut up - I told him that he could hand me the saw and coach me how to cut the tree- of course he would have nothing to do with that-but I told him that I needed to learn how to do it safely because there was nobody else around and I would need firewood. Still, he would have  nothing to do with it and said when he found a saw no bigger than a toothpick -he would teach me to run it. I told him that it was going to take a LOT of toothpicks to keep me warm all winter.

By the time we got back to the house I was exhausted . He unloaded the truck and I cut cuckleburrs out of Snowball - the pekingese who went with us. Then I took him in the shower with me . I don't think either of us was happy -but at least I had one clean dog and a good excuse to scrub the shower walls. We was both so tired by then and when DH sat down he fell asleep in his chair.(worry, worry) .I wanted to do the same thing-but there was more computer battles to do and more laundry to do and more dishes to do. It is never ending .

So I ran out of time by the time It was evening chores  and more computer battles. I almost gave in and just reformatted it , but there are some files that I would love to save and as I researched it I discovered that there might be a way to save them. I hope to try that tomorrow-Sunday -  I need to get my sewing room back to some degree of order  but these computers???????????? are holding me up.

Well, I'm bushed ! It is 2AM and the temperatures has dropped to 32 . I have covered some of the outdoor flowers once again -hoping to keep them as long as I can . So, sending love to all! Bye for now.


  1. Linda, I'm exhausted reading about your day. I hope you got some sleep after all that.

  2. I agree with Sue. You sure have had a tyring day.
    Hope you did not getup too early.

  3. I can relate to your day...

    We have two goats who reside within an electric fence. We walk the fence (approximately 3 acres and including a steep slope)on a regular basis to ensure there are no branches or trees on it, causing disruption in the electricity flowing through it. It seems when there is a break, those goats find it immediately and go on their own adventure. However, since we have a lot of vegetation on our property, we don't have to worry about them venturing onto the neighboring properties. Although my husband isn't too thrilled when they climb onto one of his antique cars playing king of the mountain. LOL

    As for your computer problems, have you thought of using an external hard drive or a thumb drive to store files? I use both. I use the external hard drive to backup all of our computers and the thumb drives for files I access all the time but don't want to store on more than one computer. For instance I have one for embroidery designs, another for photographs, one for quilting, and still another one for cooking. You can get the thumb drives relatively inexpensive when they are on sale or you can purchase them on or ebay.

    Finally, just remember to laugh at the end of the day. It will help you sleep at night.