Monday, October 3, 2011

John Deere

Hi Blog Family!
Life can be just too crazy , but I finally finished the John Deere lounge pants that were suppose to be for DH , but he said If I make him any more to put a fly in them! (not the kind that zips through the air either).

I have thought and thought and If I am remembering right I have a shorts pattern that I used for one of the grandsons and it has a fly. So, I take it and stretch out the legs - I MIGHT just be able to pull it off????????

It is still cold and nippy here with the wind acting like it has gone crazy. Our youngest son brought us a load of firewood on Saturday night that came from a tree that a storm took down beside his house. He was glad to get it out of his yard and we were grateful to have it for heat -plus get to visit to boot! : )

O SHOOT - looking at this picture I just realized that I forgot to bring my mother-in-law's tongue plant in the house- I better scoot out there and grab it before it is too late and I will be so mad at myself. That little plant takes all of my abuse and still hangs in there. I REALLY need to transplant it - but I know I will have to break the pot to set it free and I just cannot do that yet.Maybe I can tweak another year out of it? LOL
Love to all

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