Thursday, October 20, 2011


When DH woke up on Thursday morning - he scared me because he was so sick. The nurse had told us that sometimes the zometa would cause "flu-like " symptoms. He was so hot to the touch and trembling all over and could not keep his balance. He did not stay up long because he was so weak. He went back to bed until his sister came to visit with him. She is the one who raised Casper our visiting parrot. Casper was thrilled to see his real Mom and Dad. He talked non-stop for about an hour and the both of them gave DH some much needed enjoyment.

 This is my favorite game that the two of them play. She rolls him on his back and rocks him. They are so funny-we really enjoyed the visit.
I managed to work on 3 loads of laundry today since the wind was whipping like crazy and that helped to dry them on the clothesline more quickly.

I did not get to do any sewing -but I did manage to work on one of the computers and get it back up operational again. Now I hope to take a spare computer that Lynne gave me -to put in the sewing room and save all of my designs and patterns and pictures on. I am hoping that if I do not have it online that none of those old bad viruses can invade us , thus keeping safe all of my treasures.

I am also investigating the work at home offers-but it is very disappointing that the majority of them are just scams. I am scared to death that if something does happen to DH then I will be left penniless and all of my dear animals looking to me for food-plus worrying about all the bills. Add to that that I will be turning 61 in Dec. and my health is not as good as it once was and no job experience for the last few years -plus my "anxiety" problem???? Easy to see why I am worried . If only there could be some work-at-home jobs that were legal and respectable.

My poor sewing room is a wreck where I have cleaned out a space for the new computer. You know how that is move one thing and then find a space for two more. Sheezzzee!

Well, the wind is about to blow us away and it is 43degrees. I am sure going to miss my Summer. : )
Love to all!


  1. I hope your hubby is feeling a bit better now?
    That parrot is hilarious.
    Don't you get welfare in the States?
    Here no one is left to fend for themselves, they can get a sickness benefit, or unemployment, or the pension after 65 yrs old.

  2. That parrot is clever and crazy all at once. I hope your DH is feeling much better now. You must be so worried when he feels poorly.
    Ask your angels to look after you and trust them to know what they are doing. You are so clever in lots of ways and something will turn up when you need it too. Hugs from me.