Friday, October 7, 2011

Baby Blankets

I needed gifts for two newborns-the little girl is already here and I ran across this fabric on sale and I liked it enough to use it for both babies and added decorative trim in pink for the already arrived baby girl.
At least I sneaked in a little sewing. : )

We had to go to town today and since we were in town we stopped at JoAnn's Fabrics and that is where I picked this fabric up.There was also a really nice store that is full of all kinds of little stoves-coal -wood burning  -propane and pellets. What a variety.

This is the entrance and that really cute bear is saying Howdy Neighbor.

This is the bear on the opposite side of the door. It is a really interesting store to visit as they not only have stoves , but a room full of old timy quilts and different little pockets with different kinds of stoves. It was so amazing.

 These new stoves really boggle my mind. Most of these are wood burning stoves.

This one is a cook-top wood burning stove. If my grandmother could see it now????? : )

DH dug another row of potatoes this afternoon and they are the prettiest potatoes that we have Ever had- amazing. Now he is really hooked on growing potatoes - AND- he did not have any kind fence around it. The deer walked all around it all summer long!

But they did dig two up right now and took bites out of Two of them. I think that is an acceptable loss. LOL

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