Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Reveal

Sorry I did not post last night , but the health news was so upsetting that I could not put one word out - I guess I was just in shock. This is my DH of 42 years . He was burnt in an explosion back in 1972 while working at a rubber plant.He was burnt over 72% of his body and had a terrible battle . It was awful to watch the things that he had to go through. Through the years he struggled with alcohol addiction because he leaned on the alcohol instead of pain medications to see him through the many surgeries that he had to endure. It was a terribly dark time for both of us.

But,we persevered and now that we are older -peace finally reigns at our house and fear is out the door. Plus, he threw the alcohol away and turned to growing potatoes -which is a real change because he always hated anything to do with a garden. : )

He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2007  and then had the radiation treatment which put it into remission. After cancer knocks at your door - I guess it is constantly lingers in your mind -always hiding in the shadows and I have been so grateful . But last month he started having that terrible pain in his low back. That was why they sent him to have a cat scan and a bone scan. They found something they thought in his brain-but after the second set of tests they decided it is in the bones of his head instead. So, they have started him on stronger pain meds . and then this week they will start him on some kind of a drip that will take 30 minutes to run into him - hoping to slow it down and preserve as much bone as they can.

We have been together since I was 13 -so you know how it is. After that long you start to become a part of the other person. It is too horrible for me to imagine life without my "other half". The last ten years he has really stepped up to the plate . But he has done so many things that I cannot figure out how to manage without him. Like cutting the firewood and feeding that stove- or finding a way to support myself now that I am in the 60's. Or there are times that our heat system will not run and he knows how to tinker with it to call it to life. I did ride the lawn mower today for the first time and I am trying to learn how to operate it. Machines hate me and I am not mechanically inclined.  We always made a good team because I could read and write -and he could fix anything .

I had started the blog originally to learn how to move about in this virtual world and maybe learn from others how to make a living with it. Haven't got there -but I am so grateful for my wonderful blog family - you guys mean so very much to me. : ) I am not sharing this with you guys  because I am complaining - but just to let you know If I am acting squirrely - maybe you can understand that my elevator is not on the right floor at times.
Love to all

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  1. Linda, my prayers are with you and your family to help you through this transition in life. I know it won't be easy, but perhaps knowing there are others who are offering you support will make it a little easier to cope. Hugs to you!