Friday, October 21, 2011

Golly jeeper- Life????????????

It is no surprise that by now I need my Secretary Miss Mocha to help keep me straight. I have my sewing room all topsy-turvy as I am attempting to set up that extra computer to store all my pictures and designs and patterns on. I really hate to have it in disarray because it works with my mind.

Then today I worked hard to get everything accomplished in time to go have my teeth x-rayed to make for sure that they can pull what is left by my top ones. I have tried ssoooo hard to hang onto them -but it looks like it is just not in the cards for me.: (

When we arrived I checked in - Just in time to have her hang up the phone from calling to tell me that my appointment had been canceled because men working on the road in front of their building had dug into the water system. : (

So, I moved over to the pharmacy  to ask when I could pick up my refills for my thyroid and for the fibromyalgia pain and depression. I had called them on Monday- but she told me it would be TWO WEEKS before I could get them. I really wanted to cry. I don't understand when the label on the medicine says to never discontinue this medicine abruptly ?????????????? 

Then when we arrived back home I heard the weather saying we are suppose to get a hard freeze tonight. There were still a few flowers I needed to get in -so I tore into that after we ate.While I was working on the flowers -plus-grabbing the laundry-plus locking up the chickens - DH had a neighbor stop by. It was bad news. This neighbor and DH had gone fishing together a few times this summer. A week ago he had stopped by and he and DH had Haggled over trading the turkeys that we wanted for two antique lamps that Danny wanted. They always have a good time trading.

But we had to go to town first and then coming home it was getting dark. Danny called DH and told him that he had the turkeys locked up - to bring a cage and they would catch them.That was what they did and DH brought the turkeys home and we like to broke our backs carrying a cage with four grown turkeys in it. LOL

But- it turned out that after DH left  that Danny's son who was 17 took a gun to the basement and killed himself. It had to be absolutely horrible. The Mom was the one who found him when she came home from work -and I know that had to be the VERY worst thing a Mom can find.  My heart just bleeds for her.

Danny stopped by this afternoon for a minute to tell DH what had happened. He was very worried about his wife. But there is always an investigation and they said that the police might come talk to DH about what time this happened and what time that happened???? It is very hard to remember the exact time of when you do this and when you do that ???? I can't hardly remember what day it is -much less what time I do things???

I am trying to get back to my sewing. I have figured out my next project. DH's sister and husband have bought a new car and they would like some kind of a project that you can hang on the back of their seats and reach behind to drop trash in -to keep it from getting scattered all over the car.

We also stopped in town at  a propane gas business. Just a little small place - but the lady who helped us was absolutely fabulous. She was so kind and so knowledgeable and such a pleasure to be around. It is such a gift to meet someone like that .It turned out that they had 2 little gas stoves that they sell and for 599.00 you get the stove and the total installation . We asked if we could get one tank that was big enough to fill one time a year - in the SUMMER-when the roads are good. So, she said that someone would call us next week and come to the house to see where and how ----- and give us the low-down.  If we can swing it - that will be our heat when the electricity goes off. YEA! But first we have to know for sure the price and then we hope we can find enough junk to take off to sell- and an old car too. But, I am very hopeful.

Well - love to everybody!


  1. How dreadful for your neighbours to lose their son to suicide.

    I hope you can get enough money together for the stove.

  2. Miss Mocha doesn't look happy being interupted while working,LOL.

    Hope you got some stitching done.

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