Sunday, October 9, 2011

Working My Little Fingers To The Bone? : )

Now that the day is almost gone - I pondered why I do not have a completed project and I discovered that it takes longer than you would think to do these embroidery designs -AND- it definitely takes LONGER when you have to fight with your machine. It might have started the battle - but I definitely won the battle today!

I am getting much better at disassembling it and putting it back together! A big old knot of thread got broken off way down inside of there were I could not even see it. I just kept removing parts until I got to the disaster and removed it -put it back together and yea! it managed to finish out the day.

As I was working on them I started to wonder how our American measurements compare with other countries? These shirts are sizes: small - large- xlarge and xxxlarge??? It is an amazing world , isn't it?

I am working on Five t-shirts . The fabric is so light weight it feels like you do not have anything on??? I know this because I have one from two years ago . I am working on koi designs  and have completed putting TWO of these designs up around the neck line and they are really looking pretty. So , each design ended up taking an hour and multiple that times 5 shirts and 10 hours over the last two days -no wonder my time gets away from me????

I intend to put another design somewhere in the center of the shirt, but I am getting excited about them now, probably because they are starting to take on some personality -instead of just a flat piece of fabric. : )

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