Thursday, October 13, 2011

Working on SIL fish shirt

I did not get to much accomplished today except for completeing the designs embroidered on and a collar attached.I had trouble with the neckband because it thought it had a mind of its own and wanted to Jump plum out of where I was stitching. I tried twice before I admitted defeat for the day.

What I thought was to be a day of sewing the hospital called and they had found bad news on one of his tests.The doctor wanted an MRI of his brain - but he told her that he Could Not do that because of his claustrophobia. They wanted us there in 30 minutes. Then he decided that he just could not do the CT Scan - so they brought him a Valium and he chilled out -then this wonderful young man walked right with him and together they got it accomplished.

Then we have to be at the doctor's office in the morning  for a consultation. They think it might be the cancer has gone into his brain stem? I keep hoping that it might just be a shadow - because the other is too terrible to face. It took all both of us could do to keep it together.He went to tell the kids  while I went with Lynne to the Sewing Guild meeting.

We had a guest who owned a local fabric store and she did a presentation about things you could make for your kitchen . Giving classes is the way she keeps her shop afloat. I bet half of the gals in the Guild were already friends with her and they had a really good time. She had a table full of different table runners -then place-mats and potholders and pretty towels.  They were all so pretty , but we do not have a kitchen table and it left me wishing there was room in our teeny house.

Then the gals had Sew & Tell of things they had created  and they were so pretty. One lady had sewn a witch and she had her broomstick and even her black cat . Really neat. There were different totes and quilts - all of which was so pretty. It was such a treat to see that sewing is still alive and well.

They had refreshments and the bit of cake that I tasted was sooooo delicious. It looked like a pale chocolate bunt cake - but the taste was not like anything I had ever tasted and we were just so busy that I forgot to ask.Some gals were buying fabric or kits from what the lady had brought to sell.

Lynne was nominated to take over the newsletter. She is more than capable but she stays so busy now that I worry how she can handle so much. It rained on us coming home , but Lynne is such a good driver. She showed me one of the dolls that she had been making outfits for and it was so lovely and she even figured out how to make Shoes for the dolls and I wish you could have seen them.They were good enough for me to wear- hum???? - I asked her if she was taking on a new career???? LOL

OK, I better go fall in bed so we can get up and go see that doctor in the morning.I hope you are each well and have spent a moment with your sewing machine to save your sanity. : )
Love to all.

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