Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Shirt # 2 -Size small

It was a busy morning as DH had to be at the hospital this AM by 6:45 and then he had different tests for the next 4 hours. The first test was funny because DH and I both HATE needles and I knew he was dreading it. It was a young man who was working with him and when he got the needle out DH was already griping the counter top and holding his breath and just at that moment the young man told him to relax it was all over - and DH had not even felt it at all. If you could have seen his shocked face - it was funny and I was glad it went so good. I wish All of the ones who take blood could be so talented!

We came home and had to go back in two hours so I went out and did my chores and we fixed us some late breakfast. I felt better after I knew the animals were all taken care of and then we went back once again. There is a little lady who runs his bone scan and they are getting to see each other about every 6 months now and they cut up and carry on and have a good time from a not so good experience. I don't think she likes me very much , but she let's me sit in a chair and keep him company because he cannot bear to have that big thing roll over his face-so I try to keep his mind busy .Today I took my crochet and worked on another chicken -but they went so fast that I did not make it very far.

That was when we made it back home and I worked on this project. I had fairly good luck with it and the embroidery machine BEHAVED itself! Yea!  At least this one I did not snip! I think I am pretty happy with it.  It was nice to be able to work on it and watch it rain!

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  1. How neat that he did not feel the needle... i hate needles too so much! Sometimes I actually throw up from being so scared of them.
    I've only ever had two blood tests that did not sting and hurt and leave me with a huge bruise.
    I have been sewing! I love it so much, i forget sometimes how much i love it!
    I know why you sew so much too... cos ya love it too!