Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One last hurrah

After a very trying day as I rounded the corner of the house my very favorite flower in all the world overwhelmed me with its beauty and this one bloom.  As if this was not enough - for the very first time the fragrance if mind-blowing! Of course to me , this is indeed a gift.

This one I actually covered up for 3 nights due to our first hard freeze. I just could not bear the thoughts of it leaving me too early. It has always seemed to me that each fall the frost hits and kills everything and then a warm spell moves in for a short while . But this time I outsmarted old man winter - I covered my treasure and still have it to adore for a brief spell longer. : )

My dear sweet counselor had to put up with buckets of tears once again-partly due to challenges and partly due to being out of my meds. Who would think ?????

I did get to listen tonight to night 2 seminar about cancer and how doctors tackle it. They go for two hours , but are filled with information. The highlights of tonight were :

I wish you could have heard the seminar tonight .Again it is mind blowing -they say it is not telling people what to do , but just educating people on what is out there. 
The first speaker tonight was Dr. Francisco Contreras in Mexico who covered his beliefs of diet (don't eat red meats, sugar and white flour-- - do eat green juices and vegan diet) Supplements are needed these days : green teas , grape seed extract, digestive enzymes to help metabolize foods better -enzyme therapy to combat inflammation,   laetrile(spelling?) which is a mild anti tumor agent  which comes in Bitter Almond and it releases cyanide inside the tumor cells. 

He was very sweet and he too had followed in his Fathers steps by including traditional meds along with alternative helps.

Second was Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy  and I got the most from her talk. She started in medicine in 1986 and then started to include more and more alternative treatments along the way so she opened New Medicine in California  She has a site www.centerfornew"
She uses several steps :
1. Head - what your head tells you -Unsolved emotional issues that a person has not resolved
2. Breathing -we need exercise of some kind to get oxygen to the cells
3. Drink Water-lots
4.Diet - raw foods -juice and greens
Avoid: breads, white rice, pasta,popcorn all turn into sugar, no soda pop(it takes 10 gallons of water to neutralize one diet coke.)
Good: olive oil, coconut oil, raw nuts,grapeseed extract, veggies, use no aluminum  cookware,  use sea salt or Himalayan Salt , wild salmon , fruits in season (unless you already have cancer and then you do not want the sugar to feed the cancer, a good atitude, fish oil-it restores the cell membranes so the cells can communicate, vit. D (5000MG), milk thistle -supports liver, selenium from Brazil Nuts, Green tea, Egcg, shark oil-cuts off blood supply to it, pancreatic enzymes , detoxes important, vitamin C-4000Mg, , liver cleanse, coffee enemas . 

I hope none of you ever have to look for resources about cancer -but just in case- I just throw it out there because I HATE cancer of all types. 

Love to all!

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  1. What a gorgeous Bloom Linda. Also the marigolds still look lovely.