Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Shirt for ME : )

I had to consult with my supervisor , Mochie because she knows me better than anyone else. It had started out as a visit to the doctor day for DH. Instead of the regular doctor -he got to see his nurse-practitioner and I REALLY liked her. She was a 10 in my book because she listened to both of us about all these bad things that had been happening over the last 3 weeks.

Then she gave him two prescriptions for pain-one for slow release and one for break-though pain. She also has him scheduled to go to the hospital for a CT scan, a bone scan and something else ,which I forgot and that will be next week and then get to see her in the same week. Nobody has ever done that before . They have always had him take all the tests and then make him an appointment for 3 Months later, which I have never liked . I thought if we put forth the effort to go take the tests that they should put forth the effort to explain what the results were then. That will be a busy day because he takes one test at 7AM, one at 8AM and the last one at 9AM. I will be a walking dummy because I have trouble going to sleep and then I definitely have problems getting out of bed until 9. Not the way I like it, but just one of life's little complications. : )

  So we came home and I headed to the sewing room. This piece of embroidered knit fabric I had picked up on our Sewing Guild Shop Hop. It was at The School house Fabrics -which is a real old school house that I dearly love . It has two floors just piled full of fabrics of every kind. As I walk through the rooms I can just imagine the history that came to be in those rooms.Now it has another type of history.

I had seem this particular piece of fabric Much earlier in the year and liked it , but I had to get something else for a gift and did not have money for both. But, here it was catching my attention once again and I noticed that it was Much thinner on the bolt.So , shoot - I threw caution to the wind and took it to see if there was two yards -which it was not- only one and a half. But it kept drawing my  eyes and my heart whispered to to to take it and try. There was just something about it, maybe being covered in the embroidered flowers took me back to when I was a child and ladies liked embroidery and lace?

Ok- I am such a sucker.For some reason I do not understand - I happen to just love the lettuce edging .I talked very sternly about I should do a "proper" hem on the bottom hem and the sleeve hem-But- I decided that I do not take time to spoil me very often and if I Loved this silly hem , then I should do what I wanted to for a change - AND- if I needed to change it down the road then I still could and it would not be a problem.

Ok- Ta-Da!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here it is , my very own long sleeved tee shirt and I cannot believe that I resisted the urge to add my own embroidered "Something" - as I have Always done that ever since I started to do the machine embroidery.  It turned out to be a little heavier knit than I had realized , but I need some long sleeve shirts for Winter and this will just fit the bill.

I have no idea why I fell in love with this fabric color -OR - why I love these hems. Sometimes I have no idea what goes on with me- I am a mystery to myself? : )


  1. Oh Linda if it makes you happy to have lettuce just do so.

  2. I just love that gorgeous shirt... now I would love to see a photo of YOU IN IT!