Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pluck, pluck, pluck

Today I feel like an ole sitting hen as I sit tight to my "nest" and count my blessings as compared to the states up above us. Just a four hour drive and they are having what the weather station calls a real "North Easterner" and so far they have 12 inches of snow and still pouring down.I have never seen snowflakes as large as what they showed on tv.They said it was the first time that they had ever had snow BEFORE a frost. I forgot how many Millions are without electricity- and you know that scared me because we have not figured that part out yet for us.

It made me think of life without my life time partner and it scares me to death. I also pondered making money to support myself and even if I could find a job paying minimum wage it would take all of that to just pay the real estate taxes and the credit card- not to count the car insurance- gas-food- electricity-medicine-phone bill- internet bill-trash bill and anything else that I cannot think of right now.
I thought maybe I should not post about it-because I am not seeking sympathy - I have two reasons I decided to post it as I go along. NUMBER ONE- it might help me see more clearly if I view it on black and whit.
NUMBER TWo - my story might end up HELPING other women like me find their way - or at least think about how it would affect your own life and how you will cope? I have not known many widows in my life-and to me that is a good thing. "But it also did not shine a light anywhere for me. Plus , as I think about them -half of them drank themselves to death and only a few had husbands who cared enough to make plans for their families to be cared for.

Well, better run and get ready for the last cancer seminar after all week. Here is the link - just in case you would be interested.
Love to all


  1. Snow... It can cause lots of problems when you live in a rural area. We use a well for water and if we do not have electricity, we don't have water. We also wouldn't have electricity to operate the electric fence to keep the goats in their pen. Several years ago, my husband got a generator off of a ship, a big ship, for free (his favorite saying which is why I nicknamed him Swap Meet Bob when we were dating) and it will provide enough power for anything and everything; as long as we have diesel to keep it running.

    At least I'd have water. LOL

  2. I hope Joe hangs in there and does not leave you and his family for many, many years yet!
    It must be scary even thinking about losing him.