Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday boy blankets

This is the second part of those baby blankets -the first was for the baby girl and this is one of two for the baby boy yet to come by Thanksgiving. I added the blue trim on this one.

I thought you might get a kick out of this COAL burning stove! How long has it been since you have even seen a coal stove???????????????? It has been a gazillion years for me- I don't even have any idea where you could buy coal these days in USA. My Mama burned coal but she had a Warm Morning stove-made of metal.I  have seen this kind more in cartoons than in real life.

DH said his grandparents had one and he could remember coming in from the snow with his arms outstretched when he was a little fellow - like you would hug the stove-but he got too close with his hug and burnt both of his arms.

I am considering my next Christmas presents? I wish I had money to go to JoAnn's sale-but at the moment I am going through my stash. While I am doing this I cannot help but remember when Lynn warned me about keeping a stash under control. LOL  First I had one large trash can(that was the cheapest container I could find that held a good size of fabric and I have to keep it covered or Miss Rosie will find a way to give it a "Hair shower"!  There are times I wish she would keep off of the fabric -but then times when I forget and leave out a SMALL piece of fabric and find her perched on it with just her feet -like a 4 x 4 piece??? She certainly has her own unique personality going on and it tends to get a laugh of astonishment from me - and you know that laughter is good for the soul. : )

This is the second little boy blanket . I am disappointed that I could not get a picture that showed the pretty green thread I used to trim it with. Actually I like it much better than the blue .This fleece is sooooooooooo nice and soft. Actually makes me want to curl up with it. LOL

Well, I better get busy going through the stash Hoping to figure out more gifts. Are you all working on presents yet- got any good ideas???? I can sure use all the help I can get.

love to all - linda


  1. I made my first Christmas present last night! A wee dress for Rena, it's on me blog today. I am so happy with it!
    Now I feel like a 'proper' Grandma, making my grandkids some clothes!
    I love that wee blanket, it does look so snuggily!

  2. Oh this is darling!! I am finally getting to catch up a little bit on blogs tonight.

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