Sunday, October 30, 2011

Car Trash Bin

O my- what started as a "thinking project" turned from thoughts into challenges. My  sister-in-law wants a trash bag to hang on the back of the car seat. So, I tried to draw one out just so I could get a feel for how I should tackle it. I was doing one of those - should I do this -OR- should I do that????????????????????????

Next I thought I should pick out what ever fabric I should use -thinking that might shed some more light on the project. I happened to run across two pretty blue pieces of heavy vinyl that I had made some laptop sleeves from. I thought that would be nice because they would be easy to wipe off just in case some of the trash might be messy. : )

My next challenge was the embroidery part. I was stumped at what kind of design to put on it???? So, I just picked one that I thought had some humor to it-loaded the machine - and flipped the magic switch and - OOOOOOOO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!It immediately started breaking thread! I knew I was in trouble-so I started out by trying all different threads and it broke any of them I put on. : (  Not one of my happy moments)

Next I moved onto the tension and changed it through about ever adjustment it had - but no success. Then I moved on to the needles and I tried every needle I had and just as I was about to call it quits - all of a sudden it took off sewing ! I could hardly believe it - boy - Joy -Joy-Joy! Maybe that was why it happened - so I would appreciate success even more. So, an hours job had turned into several hours and it was almost dark outside.  Sometimes "birthing" these projects is such hard work. : )

I was SO Thrilled to finish the designs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next to figure out what kind of strap I can use at the top ?

Now to figure out how to line the back to cover up the pieces and just make it look more finished to me. I did end up changing the shape of the top from a curve to a straight edge so I could sew the strap on without wrinkling it.I am glad that I did.

Yea- trash bag for car # 1 is finished and boy am I glad. Sewing through all of those layers was quiet a challenge for me at the bottom. I can tell it was a big challenge for me because I am just drained of energy from all that concentration. Amazing how much it can take out of you.

I would love to jump on #2 -but I am afraid that I would just ruin it from being so tired. I will hold my enthusiastic plan for my next sewing treat- hopefully tomorrow. : )
Love to all!

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