Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Crochet Chickens-black

Well , time got away from me today and I was very lucky to complete this little black hen. I HATE working with black-anything" - it makes my eyes play tricks on me. When I used to clip poodles - the black hairs would get under my skin and  get infected . So , black is not my favorite color- well , technically black is not a color - but a shade- no matter what you call it - it is still Black!

My day ran off and left me once again today. I got up late and went and did chores just in time before the rain came. It would not have mattered if I had got wet because I had to take a shower to go see my counselor. I thought a lot about it coming home and wondered why it is that talking to someone you trust  helps you so much? My brain was thinking - can it really be that easy to understand - just a simple conversation ????? Maybe the reason is because it helps us learn different options? When you have options - things do not ,  look so dark and you can use your experience to shine light into the dark. I am SO very grateful that an angel was sent to help me. As she says we are all in the big stream of life - swimming upstream together.

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  1. I love your black chook...even if she sent you blind! I'm glad your session with your councellor went well too.