Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Such Busy Days

Casper taking a bath. We are having fun with DH's brother-in-laws bird. I am amazed that DH has taken to him so much- I have never noticed that he was much of a bird person - except for watching the outdoor birds.

We have had two such busy days that I am just plain Pooped! Yesterday DH started working on our outdoor woodstove. There is  a metal box on the end of it where the ashes end up at and it had rusted out and it was so bad that the pipe would not stay on it at all. So he was working on it while I had worked outdoors all around him . By the time I did the chores and then I started on walnuts I have been picking up.There are plenty of walnuts -but all these years I had used the hammer and ended up with more pounded fingers than I did walnuts-so I quit. Then our son told us that a  hardware store had a black walnut cracker for 70.00. SEVENTY dollars????????????? So, I went on E-bay and looked at them -that way I got to study their design and decided that if DH had a small vice I would try that - to which he poo-pooed me, but he went ahead and found it for me and greased it up and told me that he tried it and it would not be worth trying. : )
But it worked Delightfully for me . It still took me 7 hours to crack a quart of nuts -but to me this was like gold!

Since I was picking up nuts -I grabbed the rake and started moving them from where I walked to feed animals -where I had been turning my ankles - down into the driveway so the cars coming and going would bust the green outter layer -leaving the black hard nut shell. I was so proud to have accomplished both. But - I was so tired when we drug in last night I just collasped.

Then today we got up early and went to the mill . I wanted to get that accomplished because they are calling for rain for the next 2 days . On the way back DH stopped at Lowes and picked up several bags of cement mix and screws. He is building a frame that he is pouring concrete into to support this new box for the pipe. I took in and put out two laundries and was just all over the place doing things.I am so tired .

Then tomorrow is my counseling afternoon and DH has to stop at the Cancer Center and take his first treatment with something called zometa .I am dreading it. If you know anybody that has taken that stuff -I would appreciate any feedback that you might have.

Well, - love to all and hope you have enjoyed your beautiful day. : )

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  1. Sounds like a busy time. I have never heard of that treatment for your husband. I hope he does well.