Friday, October 28, 2011

A Little Progress

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA! FINALLY my cutting table is clear once again. Yahoo! What a joyous event.  Nothing like a clear table to help clear your creative pocket! : )

I was so glad today that I got chores done this morning because as the day tiptoed by - the weather changed to. It went from 50's to low 30's and a Cold rain with deep dark skies. Enough of a change to make your bones shiver. Days like this USED to give me challenges with depression because everything looks so glum-but after living long enough to acquire some creative insights -now I do not have those scourges - all I have to do is start counting my blessings and poking my nose in my imagination and something always presents itself.

In order to see what kind of progress I am making for Christmas I had to wrap my second batch of what I had created thus far.I keep a list -or I would always be Lost in space. LOL  My list is a composition book and I started it years back when I did not want to just give the same gift year after year. So, now it is fun to look back and I have the memories -so it has become like a diary- or - maybe a journal? Anyway - it serves its purpose and now I add tidbits like the size and brand of patter that I use for each person.

I listened to the online  cancer seminar tonight. It was the fourth one this week and there is only one left for tomorrow afternoon. It has been Very Educational. One speaker tonight (Marcus Freudenmann)spoke about the differences in people and treatments.It amazed me to learn that people are being thrown in jail for trying to put out knowledge about alternative medicines . The big drug companies carry a lot of Clout! It is very sad.

They believe that cancer is not the enemy . We all carry a load of cancer cells in our bodies - it is just up to us how we treat ourselves to keep our immune systems working that keeps them in line. If we fall behind in our care -then the cancer cells can start to multiply . So, they suggest that the person first -Detox our bodies to get rid of toxins(and boy-there are gazillions of them), Supplements to help boost your immune system and then change of diet and lifestyle.

I had to grunt a little because he said that some people will choose that path -and - some people have been known to say , " if I have to eat a bunch of grass-then no thanks I would rather die first"- and you know - I have heard DH say that many times . He did say that we cannot force a person to choose which path.

They also noted that unresolved issues carry a large portion of the contributing factor in cancer.Last night they had mentioned using a coffee enema as one detox method. I had taken several of them when I was fighting a gallstone attack and when you read about it - it seems like a lot of trouble - but - they said that back in the 1920's it was an established medical treatment!

It has been a very educational day and it felt good to make even a wee bit of progress.Next to see where a new day takes us. : )  O - would you believe that they are calling for snow tonight and in the morning and then in the 50's tomorrow afternoon????? LOL - and I thought I was Confused! LOL  

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  1. Coffee enema? ewwwwww.

    I had gallstones really bad... so had me gallbladder removed. Fixed that problem! lol

    Snow? Yikes you poor buggers!
    Tis lovely and warm here.

    hair photos up.