Saturday, October 1, 2011


I really do not like Fall. This turning cold and miserable and the wind whipping all around. It won't be long that my beautiful flowers all disappear. After waiting all Spring and Summer the flowers are always at their peak of perfection and it really kills me to see them disappear. I worked hard last night bringing almost all of them in the house -except for two-I had to rest up . Then this morning after I had finished chores I carried the smaller in first and back out for the Mrs. Ridpath - which is a begonia that belonged to one of my neighbors. My friend worked  taking care of people in their homes and she met her first. Then she told me I Had to meet her because she was such a great and wonderful lady and she was one hundred percent right. She was just a little tiny lady who had the spirit of a giant. We visited and then we walked around and enjoyed her garden and she had the MOST awesome root cellar I had ever seen in my life-time. Debbie and I both had absolutely Drooled over root cellars-but did not have one. This one was built into the side of a  hill and it had shelves all nice and tidy for all of her canned goods and bins for the potatoes and onions braided hanging on the earth walls. It was truly awesome, as was she. She had the sweetest, most generous spirit.

She gave us some "bean worm trees" which we dug up and my DH was SOOOO thrilled because they are used by fishermen. In the summer they get Caterpillars all over them and the Caterpillars eat all the leaves off of the trees. Now people who want them for their shade do not want the Caterpillars and they like the little parasitic wasp that comes and lays eggs all over  the Caterpillar and when the babies hatch they eat the caterpillar from the inside out. But the fishermen like the trees for the caterpillars for fishing.

I like just playing with the caterpillars - and wish they could just exist and enjoy their short life span. They are very handsome and would not hurt a fly. They are black and smooth like leather and they have strips like a skunk only they are white and a pretty green and they have these funny little antennas. You know how it is in this life - there always seems to be two different sides to every story.

This is my chicken for the day and I totally dislike her. I had used double threads to make her thicker hoping that one time would still make a potholder to protect your hand without making two different sides and sewing them together -because I am having trouble with the two sides matching up. So, I thought I would try this way and see what turned out? Well, now I know and I do not like it. POOH!

GOLLY! I did not realize it was this LATE - where in the world did this day take off to. I have cut up half of the green peppers that I brought in last night -and froze them. Now I need to do the rest of them. Plus, figure out something to feed us?????Guess it will have to be beans and cornbread since Mother Hubbard's Cubboard 's is almost empty. It would be nice to have enough things to make soup. Cold weather really makes me crave soups. Yummy!

Well, I better hop to it and see what I can find on this almost gone -dark and damp day.

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