Monday, October 24, 2011

It Took a Hem Gauge

Wellllllll - that is at least rubbing shoulders with sewing-it is a very important sewing too.It is a gasket for a part for my DH. After we discovered that I could make gaskets and that I enjoyed working with the hem guide and the scapula to cut threads -also cuts gasket material precisely - I rather enjoyed the challenge and made DH happy in the process. LOL

I managed to have a pretty successful day. After 4 hours of sleep - I struggled out of bed to do morning chores. I could have just rolled over and buried my head but DH had to leave early to take our youngest son to that doctor appointment. I wanted that quiet time . My body did not like my plan and it complained by having me bouncing off the walls as I headed to the door. I knew the fresh air might help and I staggered along. An hour later I had it all accomplished and headed back in -not quiet as dizzy as I had started out and a happy heart because all the critters were taken care of and munching on their own breakfasts.

I rounded up all the dishes and fixed me a bowl of millet and blueberries and then brought in a load of laundry and took out another. As my self-esteem began to rise I moved onto the computer and low and behold I got it doing its thing! Finally it was reformatted and I decided to get a couple of flash-drives to be sure to save ANYTHING important to me on them - and that way I would not be upset when the computer goes crazy-no matter what the cause. I was lucky because I had at least moved all of my pictures before this happened ! Yea!

DH came back home and I fed us and cleaned up the mess and started on the computer in the sewing room. I almost had it finished , when I hit a glitch. Shoot, but I am still so happy with what I  have accomplished . I am tired and I  plan to get more than 4 hours sleep tonight. LOL
Maybe tomorrow I can reorganize my sewing space and if I succeed at that - it will help reorganize my brain.:) I am getting a better idea on that behind the seat car organizer I hope to put together???????? But, I have to have room  to lay it out and ponder.

I signed up online for a week long two hour conference each night about Cancer -everything they can cram into it from traditional treatments to all the alternative treatments-which I lean more to. I hope to take lots of notes because I f you pay for a written form of it - that is a thousand dollars. ( Just pocket change-right) LOL So much to do - so little time to do it in. I still have a corner in my bedroom I am dreaming of cleaning -dreaming might take a while. Seems like life just keeps jumping in front of it -but you know - it will always be there waiting for me . LOL I don't have to worry about anybody else doing it first. LOL

Well, love to you all! Hope you have had a beautiful day!

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