Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Middle of the week

and Cocoa is keeping the sewing room occupied. This was one of those days that I find goes by too fast to suit me. Morning chores and breakfast and a shower and the start of some research  on different types of types of heat  sources.. We have the outdoor wood stove-but when we lose our electricity there is no way for us to keep warm. So, I am delving into how to keep warm during a electricity outage and we seem to do that a lot more than I enjoy where we live.
I had only began to scratch the surface when it was time to go to my counseling . After that we went to the next town and picked up DH's new medicine and we stopped at the gas company and peeked through their window to see if they had any examples. We even stopped at a heat - store and the had the most beautiful stoves I had ever seen in my lifetime.But it was late and we could not linger. DH is itching to hang out with me as I check out information online about what is available , how many BTU's , how much space it will heat, how much gas it takes ?? All of those questions that I have no answers to yet.If any of you have any information about how you keep warm during electric outages I would love to know.
Love to All.

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  1. When we have power outages we use a generator.

    My DD2 is visiting and she asked "do you ever get to sit on your chair" as there always seems to be a furry critter on it.