Friday, September 30, 2011

Between Chickens and the Weather????

What a day? I am pooped. It started off normal with morning chores and then breakfast for the two of us. I ran the vacuum  and did a laundry. Then I sneaked away while DH was watching his "cowboy movies" and I completed this little crochet chicken. I cannot help myself - I just think they are so very cute.

The day just slid by too quickly and I had accidentally checked the weather in my email -which some days I do not fool with -but - boy was I lucky today as the weather was expected to change dramatically. Of course my first thought was the rest of my flowers that I still had to move in-so - I flew to the living room and told DH I had to scoot him and his chair over so I could have room to move the couch and fix my flowers back up for the winter. As bad as he has been feeling I expected him to just go back to sleep-but he got up and said that he would go try to find us some firewood-which he did while I cleaned that wall and it is the only wall in there that has a window - so my flowers just have so share the little space. Last winter I got smart and rigged a metal flower stand on top of a little table -that worked so good that I now worked on the same project. I vacuumed the floor and then went out on the front porch and unloaded the flowers so that I could wipe it down and then carry it in the house and put up on top of the little table. I then "hog-tied" it to the table and started bringing flowers back in to vacation for the Winter. It just kills me to see Summer abandon me and Old Man Winter head my way. He must have heard me complaining because the temperature started to drop and the Wind started to blow and now we have a high wind warning till tomorrow night.; )

But I managed to get all of my flowers in but 1 and I am hoping to get it in tomorrow, as it is not expected to freeze tonight. : )
While I was making my rounds I went out and picked all the rest of the peppers in the garden and on the front porch. I told the plants on the porch how very much I appreciated all of their hard work this summer and how they had outdone the peppers in the garden and maybe If I put them in the compost pile that they could come back next year as fertilizer and work in a different job-but still contribute to the job.: )

Just hearing the wind outside Whipping like a mad person makes my hands turn cold - just imagining how winter will be. It is hard to believe that today is the END of another month??? Where do they go- so very fast????? I get the feeling that I am going slower and that makes them go more quickly. I think it is a dirty trick and I must come up with a "battle plan" to try to keep up with them. LOL
Love to all!


  1. We have nasty wind and it's cold too.. Spring here, Fall there... means similar weather!
    I hope all your flowers do well over winter.

  2. I wasn't expecting that comment to go through, so imagine my delight when it did right away! Stupid blogger mucking around, at least not today though.