Monday, June 20, 2011

Ugly Fabric Challenge???

 I actually had a day with nobody underfoot  , so I took advantage of it to pull out my piece of "Ugly Fabric" that is in our Sewing Guild Challenge. I decided that I better hop to it or I would be caught in a "Pinch" - and I would sure have been right! I have spent all afternoon studying , walking , thinking , wondering, drawing and redrawing , attempting to put a picture in my brain of how I was going to take this fabric and "birth" it into car seat covers???????

 I asked DH to bring the seat in for me and he got it to the door and asked me to help round the corner to my sewing room. That Booger was soooo heavy! No wonder he was huffing and a puffing! We Heaved with all of our might to get it up on the cutting table.Then today when I went in to study this dilemma Miss Rosie had Claimed this seat for her own.
 So you can see she is madly in love with this seat and do not want to share at all!
 So, while she was Enjoying herself  I walked back and forth and around and around attempting to decide what to do first??? The seat cover that is on it is one that I had made several years ago. It is so badly stretched out of shape and from that I learned a lesson. I had used pretty (to me) upholstery fabric for the front and then had taken two wore out knit twin size bed sheets and used them to hold the pretty in place. But after many years of use they are falling victims to Life. All of that in and out , in and out- is getting the best of them now. LOL
 I had turned the seat so I could study the sides and all of a sudden Miss Rosie was like a streak of lightening as she Rounded the side with her claws showing that she was defending her property!  LOL

 Maybe everybody needs a "Guard Cat" to be on patrol??? She is certainly not going to let just Anybody walk off with this seat - so I guess DH's seat is well protected. I am beginning to think that once I get down to business that I Might have to lock her in the bathroom?????  Those claws are ferocious not only to me - but I don't want her to Pick the new fabric before it even gets in the truck???? LOL
 How about this - I am making progress. I lay the fabric first this way and then that way - hoping to discover which way will be the best to handle this and also make another one for the driver's seat? I want to have a matching pair.

 Finally I figured out that I will just have enough of this fabric to do the fronts of the seats-so now I need to decided what I will use for the edges and backs?
 As soon as I turned my back to get some old newspapers that I intend to use to draw out my patterns and turn back around - SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!  Miss Rosie to the Inspection seat!!!!!!  LOL
Well  Shoot! I will just be careful and start where hopefully she is not interested in ??? My hopes are that I have made this pattern to fit the seat . My next step will be to fit the pieces of the puzzle together with the ugly fabric with the next piece of fabric to make the puzzle pieces fit together and look decent??

This was the side piece of the bottom I am finishing up and as you can see, Miss Rosie is "right on top of things"! LOL

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